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Hi, welcome to my Homepage. Now is not a good time to be dangling your feet in the water! So, take a walk with me, while I tell you a little bit about myself.

Well, for beginners, my name is Paul. I was born in Pittsfield, Mass. (which made me a Yankee) My younger years however, were spent in Lexington, Kentucky. (which made me a rebel) Then my father, who worked for I.B.M. was transferred back to New York, where I've been ever since.(I guess that makes me a "damn Yankee" again!)

Back in 1971, I joined the Navy. I was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. My ship, the USS Austin (LPD-4) took me on quite a few trips to the Caribbean (with the marines) and that's where I fell in love with the sport of scuba diving. (hence the handle "Deep Diver")

I finally settled down and met my honey, Diana, "Dolphin Dreams" who just happens to love scuba diving also! (how lucky can a guy get?) Would you like to see a pic?

My wife told me that I look entirely too relaxed in this picture but, hey, I was on vacation. (please no e-mails) "L"

So many warm hugs & "kotc's" go out to Capricorn and Texas Lady for their help in getting me this pic! We've since bought a scanner of our own but will never forget their kindness.

We've been happily married for sixteen years and have three great kids and six great grandkids. WAIT! Just six grandkids. (whew) I'm not that old! (puzzled?) second marriage.

When summer is over and the dive gear is put away for the season, it can only mean one thing! It's time for football! So out comes the cheesehead and jersey#4.

There just happens to be one small complication! Remember my wife, "Dolphin Dreams"? Well, her love of dolphins is not limited to the mammal, She also loves.....

As you can probably imagine, it makes for an interesting season, especially when our son, Charles, comes over for football Sunday and for Monday night games. (I'm hopelessly outnumbered!) But! I'm still married! "lol"

Well, Jaws is probably gone now, so it's safe to go back in the water. Thanks for stopping by. Come again and please, sign my guestbook before you leave. Perhaps you'd care to visit some other sites of ours?

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Here are some awards I've won from some really talented people. Be sure to visit their sites before you leave.

This award received 3/29/2000! Thank you so much Marge! It also is the first award she ever created on her computer.

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