Poison Elves is a black-and-white comic book drawn by Drew Hayes and distributed by Sirius, chronicling the life of an assassin/thief/ex-drug smuggler- an elf named Lusiphur.

Herein lies a guide to the characters of Amrahly'nn, plots, some fan fiction (I claim no blame...er, credit) and little tidbits of information, as well as links to other pages. Anything else you want, let me know. Let me know anything. All your thoughts. This is only my second page, anything that'll make it better, TELL ME. Thankyoudrivethrough...on we go....

As always, thanks to Pyrena, for helping me figure out some web-stuff that I would probably have figured out myself but she helped me make less of an idiot of myself than I would have. Thanks also to Bob Soulliere, Mary Ciccocioppo, and Brad Chamberlain for the use of their artwork. I recently got hold of a scanner, a couple months ago anyway, so I'll work on getting more pictures up soon, that is if it behaves.

A Poison Elves Guide

by Kim

copyright drew hayes/indy magazine

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what's new

www.poisonelves.com is down, refusing to run, and under some serious (not to be mistaken for Sirius) reconstruction...check it out sometime! I'll let you know when she's up and purring like a kitten again.

Hey, umm...as you may have noticed, Maya gave up the place. I applied, and got the place. Now I'm not quite sure what to do with it. By the way, I'm Kim. I don't really plan on changing too much, if anything thus far, and I'll try to get my butt in gear and working on what has happened with Bob's page...as far as I can tell, it died. I'm currently double checking all the links and fixing any minor delails needing fixin'. So.....

I'm aware the news page is horrendously out of date, and there are a few (dozen) new fanfics that haven't been put up, so if you wanna read these tough cuzwww.poisonelves.com fanfic page, is down. I am working on joining the guild (*gaaaaasssp* You mean she isn't already a member!?) and in doing so will update the fanfic. I promise to get to work here as soon as I can, but well, it's exam time and exams just like to mess with my life.

As for what's new, I won't be tackling the news page right now, so here's a couple tidbits: First, a fan-produced PE soundtrack is in the works. If you want a copy, catch up on your guild mail or e-mail Bob for details, but I think there's a limited supply and you have to order by a certain date that I can't think of at the moment. It should be good, though. The soundtrack, that is- it's a 2 CD collection, one CD of Drew's song picks and one CD of fan picks.

Second, I think Jola-of-the-PE-merchandise is working on a PE Christmas card project. If you're interested, e-mail Jola for details.

Signing off (for now)...


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This is my webpage, and all the writing on it, except for any quotes or fanfic (until I happen to put some of my own up), belongs to me. Go on, try to steal something. I dare you to want to. However, all artwork is copyright Drew Hayes, 1991 to whenever, and was generously donated by Mary Ciccocioppo and/or Brad Chamberlain and/or Bob Soulliere, internet deity. Hail, Bob!