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Michelle's Page

Hey! Welcome to my page

I'm Michelle, I'm kinda of loud, but i'm happy, friendly, flirty and i love to talk! As you will find out, i'm a cute-ass redhead who can PARTY

Another semester of college has come again. I now room with Sarah (Rm 159) and our room is really good! I play lax in the spring so i'm goin to be SO DAMN good this year. Florida here we come!! < p> I have a boyfriend, Mike. Who i just adore, although i don't always act like it.

My favorite tv shows are General Hospital, Will&Grace, Friends, ER.

My hobbies are: Sleeping, partying and just chillin with my friends, and playing lacrosse (Last update 09/02)

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Hey, i wanna send Shout-Outs to people

Mike i love you. I'm always here by your side. don't forget that.

Steph i miss you. Don't give mom too hard of a time. Be nice to Cupcake.

Jacenta Don't worry i'm behaving myself (hehe)

Ranardia i'm glad you are okay. Damn trucks.

Jen- ummm yeah no soccer, but we can party now! you definetly have to come up!

Michelle~ I'm glad we are still friends

Beth it was great being roomies! I'm glad we were!

Val, Mama Cool! You are the best cook! I miss you, i hope you that trailer..umm i mean apartment!

Sarah (Boss!) You are the best bartender. Thanks for being such a great friend to me. love ya roomie!

Erin- Let's not put the duh in Dumb. BRING IT ON! YUM Alcohol!

Shannon-Thanks for taking me clubbin that 1 time. And good luck with Scott

Jibber You and Krisi are adorable! Thanks for being such a great friend.

Marky CONGRATS on your engagment!!!!!!!!

Matt, I miss you stop working so hard

Seany the memories of sleeping in the barn, kenny chesney, swimming, fullerinos and JACK DANIELS

Adam, thanks for the advice and the laughs you have given me over the past few years.

Jackie i hope you are having fun in College!

Natalie- Sorry about you and Tony...But i am glad our friendship has lasted through the elba boys
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Come see my Pictures, So far so good!

This link is funny poems/storys that make you smile!

My Soap Opera page. GH is the Best soap on TV

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