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Merry Christmas

I love Christmas! There seems to be magic in the air which seems to start the day after Thanksgiving...and continues to Christmas day! The crisp, clean smell of the winter air; the silent beauty of new-fallen snow; and most people just generally seem to be nicer to each other! As adults, we seem to have a few more stresses around this time also... shopping, baking cookies, decorating our homes (personally, that's my favorite part...decking the halls!). But let's put the stress factor aside (for we create the stress! lol!) and focus on the magic of Christmas...of "Peace on Earth, Goodwill To All Men!"

Within these pages, you will find favorite holiday movie quotes, poems and inspirations that are intended to warm your heart and serve as a gentle reminder (especially with Christmas being so commercialized) of what the Christmas season really is all about...of PEACE, LOVE, AND THE BIRTH OF OUR SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

So, come on in...warm your feet by the fireplace...and enjoy the peace & love that is within my "Winter Wonderland"!

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