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To love and to be loved by others seems to be the one link that every human being has. We need love to grow, to survive. Look at how you view love--do you see it as an emotion you receive from others, or you give to others, or both? After you look at that, then ask "Do I love myself?". If you don't--why not? What is preventing you from loving you? Are these thoughts of unworthiness something that you truly feel about yourself, or what others have told you that you define the human being that you call "Self"?

Try to view yourself thru the eyes of one of your friends. What do they see? There are obvious redeeming qualities they see or else they would not be your friend in the first place! We must view ourselves in this third-person objective to allow us to be the beautiful, loving, shining spirits that we all are!! We find it so easy to love other people, yet we have such difficulty to love our own selves. Try being your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy. When we have the respect, admiration and love of who we are then we open up to so much love and positive emotions, the possibilities are endless! Our relationships with family, friends and significant others resonate with a much higher, loving vibration.

Love is the highest and most powerful emotion!!!


Now, view yourself thru the eyes of God. God loves us, truly, unconditionally and ALWAYS! Thru all the wrong choices we've made, He's been there with love and forgiveness...EVERYTIME! Give Him your negative feelings about yourself and allow His love to replace it. God's unconditional love vibration is intoxicating and addicting--and you can never get too much unconditional love!

Now, ask yourself again "Do I love myself?" you love the beautiful spirit that lives within your human body? The spirit that God put here on Earth to experience the human existence? Open your heart up and feel the love shine and receive it without judgement. At this point, you should hear and feel the answer to that question...a resounding YES!!!

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