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The AD. Police

A Fool's Guide to Bubblegum Crisis

Bubblegum Crisis has been called the animated series that defined the 'babes in battlesuits' genre that is so popular in Japan. In reality its depth far succeeds a bleak, uninteresting story about four women pracing around in powered armor. BGC has characters with personality, lives, and stories to back up their actions. It is one of the few anime, along with Neon Genesis Evangelion and some others, that does not forget its plot in order to satisfy the audience with gratuitous sex, profanity, or violence.

As most people know, BGC has two sequels and an SD feature (the one and only place you will find an image of Sylia flipping someone the birdy). There are also manga, including an American version, based on the series, and countless fanfictions. Along with all of this, BGC has what may be the largest number of series pages dedicated to it. It has been around for over a decade and fan's have seen an increase rather than decrease in interest for their beloved series. The protagonists, Sylia Stingray's Knight Sabers, versus GENOM, the domineering superconglomerate, is an age-old story that plays out unusually well in the world of Mega Tokyo, AD2031-34.


The Knight Sabers and the Story Behind Them
The Eternal Truths of Bubblegum Crisis
Bubblegum Crisis: Last Words (added 12.25.97)

The perfect woman? Highly intelligent, beautiful, fashionable, independant, interesting, and she knows her lingerie. That would be Sylia Stingray.