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The Massapequa Connection

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Historic Massapequa

Historic Places of Yesteryear

Profiles of all the historic sites that once, and some that still do, grace the Massapequa community.

The History of Biltmore Shores

It was Fox, yes the same as Fox TV, that laid the foundation for one of Massapequa's most beautiful shores.

Massapequa’s Great Water Deal

On March 17, 1658, the section of Massapequa commonly referred to then as “The Meadows” was purchased from the Marsapequa Indians.

The Massapequa Indians

Whatever happened to the Massapequa Indians? Massapequapequa Online takes a look at this question.

Thomas Jones and the Old Brick House

For over one hundred and fifty years there was an old brick house that stood on a large tract of land known as Fort Neck in Massapequa. People today would know the area as Merrick Road, just across the street from the Massapequa Preserve. But back in the early nineteenth century, it was known as the haunted house sitting just west of the pirate's grave.

Archive of Community Issues
This archive takes a hard look at some of the biggest issues in the community.

Famous People Who've Lived in Massapequa