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please check and see if i am correct but i lived in massapequa my entire life, over 20 years before moving to LA. i graduated from MHS in 1991 and the debate on which famous lived in massapequa has been an ongoing thing. i knew all about the couple you mentioned and have heard the FOX story before you failed to mention Fox Blvd. which runs right through Biltmore Shores to Merrcik Road and the houses there all resemble an area of LA called Studio City. aside from that, i have some more famous people who have lived in massapequa. please verify this for you never know where the rumors started and dont want to spread them if ncorrect. here they are: W.C. Fields, Neil Diamond, and Lucille Ball. I know there are others but these 3 would be the most impressive. thank you.
- andrew
fameous massapequans Hey don't forget to add Brian Setzer from the Stray Cats to your list.... And make sure you add TV's origional Gidget...she went to MHS as well... And the author of Born on the 4th of July -- Ron Kovic is also from Massapequa. FYI
Paul Fedorys, former Massapequa Resident...

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