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Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen, also famously known as the Olsen Twins, were born on June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks, part of San Fernando Valley in California, to proud parents Jarnette (Jarnie) and David Olsen. They have lived in Sherman Oaks a large part of their lives. They moved to a new home in a gated community south of San Fernando Valley around the end of 1998. Most people think they are identical twins because they shared such similar resemblence to each other, but little did they know that they are in fact actually faternal twins. Ashley, a right-hander, is the older one by two minutes to southpaw Mary-Kate.

Siblings in the Olsen household include older brother Trent and younger sister Elizabeth (Lizzie), who both guest-starred in several of the twins' videos. Their parents divorced in March of 1996 and their father married MacKenzie Taylor, earning the girls a stepmom and two younger stepbrother and sister. Although their parents are separated, they continue to supervise the Mary-Kate and Ashley's professional careers together.

Best known for sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC/TV hit comedy series "Full House" since the tender age of nine-months old, Mary-Kate and Ashley have literally grown up before the public's eye. At the small age of only six-months, their mom, at the encouragement of friends, took them to an audition for "Full House". Babies after babies were allowed to crawl on the floor for the producers, but there was really no competition. They came in with big blue eyes and did not cry or fuss. On their very first audition, they landed the starring role. At this moment, their careers took off.

Over the seasons Full House was on air, Michelle had been growing up on the show,just as the girls had been growing up off-screen. America have witnessed such heartwarming milestones such as learning to walk and talk, heading off to the first day of school, mastering the two-wheel bike, and making the transition from a crib to a "big-girl" bed. On TVQ ratings which rank all the actors from best-liked to least-liked, Mary-Kate and Ashley are often rated number one in the girls popularity. In fact, they had become so popular that a talking Michelle Doll was modeled after them in 1991.

When "Full House" aired its final episode and said goodbye to the audiences in 1994, many people thought their careers had ended. Instead it flourished even more. After "Full House" ended, it gave the the girls more time and opportunity to work on bigger projects such as movies, music albums, and two hot-selling home video series, "The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley" and "You're invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's". Aside from these, they also have several book series which releases a new book every month, another mega-success area. They have formed their own production company, Dualstar, making them the youngest producers in Hollywood. They even have their own Barbie figurine dolls shaped after them. Talk about success!

Even with their busy schedule, they still must attend school. On days they are working, there is a tutor to help them with school work at least three hours a day. While they are not working, they attend a private school near home. They will enter their sophomore year of high school this fall.

Though they are always seen together during press conference functions and movies, they go their different ways during their spare time. Mary-Kate is a devoted horseback rider, while Ashley is into dance. They almost never dress alike unless it is for business functions.

They starred in their own TV series "Two of a Kind" during the 1998-1999 season. Although it ran for only one season with moderate ratings on ABC/TV, the reruns are a huge success on its new home, the Fox Family Channel.

The girls, now 15, have many more projects ahead of them. Just recently, they debuted their own fashion line at Wal-Mart and their own magazine, where they serve as editors in chief. Add the fact that they also have their own video games and you can see how popular they are.

Their third new TV series "So Little Time" debuted June 2001 and currently airs on the Fox Family Channel every week. Over the summer, they are working on another movie to be shot in the Bahammas as well as their newest cartoon to debut Fall 2001... and of course, enjoying the summer sun like any other teenagers.

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June 26, 2001