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35th Mississippi Regiment

Volunteers, Company B

This information is from the Southern Star of DeKalb, Mississippi (Kemper Co.) printed on June 05, 1907 by C. Gewin. It is the Roll for the 35th Mississippi Regiment Volunteers, Company B. This Company was Enlisted and Organized on March 01, 1862. If you have any questions or comments feel free to write me. E-Mail Lesley .

This page last updated Nov. 2006

A. M. Jack, Captain; resigned April 1862
G. W. McAllister, 1st Lieutenant; died April 1862
G. W. Oden. 2nd Lieutenant; promoted to Captain April 1862; wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
W. J. Flake, 3rd Lieutenant.
Wm. Adams, killed at Corinth, Mississippi October 04, 1862
J. M. Adams
J. H. Aust
Charley Anderson
J. A. Blakely, killed at Franklin, Tennessee November 30, 1864
George Bannerman, elected 2nd Lieutenant April 1862
T. P. Bannerman
T. R. Bennett. wounded at Corinth, Mississippi October 04, 1862 and at Franklin, Tennessee November 30, 1862
James Barfield
John Barfield
J. C. Barksdale
Wm. Brown
Joseph Black,Enlisted March 1st, 1862. He was Captured December 17th, 1864 at Franklin, Tenn. He was Later Released June 12th, 1865 at Camp Chase, Ohio.
John Bates
Lot Ballard, killed at Vicksburg, Mississippi 1863.
A. B. Cherry, killed at Kennesaw Mountain, January 1804 (probably means 1864)
T. J. Cherry
J. M. Cherry
A. H. Cherry
John Cherry
James Campbell
Wm. Clark
M. P. Carter
Marion Carter,wounded at Casseville, Georgia
Louis Cockrell
James Cockrell
George Corbin
J. C. Carpenter, wounded at Atlanta, Georgia
Wm. Davis, wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, and at Blakeley, Alabama.
T. E. Davis
Wm. Denton
J. P. Davis
E. Diffey
Wm. D. Edwards, wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
J. J. Edwards
Napoleon Edwards, died in prison.
Wm. Evans
Warren Felton
J. G. Felton, elected 3rd Lieutenant 1864, wounded at Blakeley, Alabama.
J. A. Flake, wounded at Altoona, Georgia.
John Farmer
John Grace
M. J. Grace
Joseph Grace
Joshua Grace
Hamp Grace, killed at Corinth, Mississipp.
Wm. Gary, killed at Atlanta, Georgia.
G. C. Gregory
Levi Howard
N. F. Hardin
Y. B. Howell
Pat Hampton
Alex Hale
Wm. Hailey, killed at Corinth, Mississippi
Levi Johnson
Thos. Kitchens
Frank Kernop
John Kerr, elected 1st Lieutenant 1862, wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
James Kerr
E. S. Kinghton
Sim Lang
Wiley Lang
Jessie Long, elected 3rd Lieutenant 1863, killed at Atlanta, Georgia August 1864.
Van B. Long
K. P. Long
M. Lassiter
G. Lassiter (John Gale)
M. Lassiter
Bryant Lam, wounded at Atlanta, Georgia.
Wm. Lanier
Hendon Morris, killed at Atlanta, Georgia.
Luther Morris
Pat McCalebb
Calvin McCalebb
John A. McKade
J. M. McKade or McDade
Wm. J. McDade Sr.
J. C. McDade
Wm. J. McDade Jr., wounded at Franklin, Tennessee.
C. A. McDade
John McLaurin, wounded at New Hope, Georgia.
Keni McCaskill
George Maes
Allen Maise
Jim Matcalf
James Mobley
D. E. Newell, wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
J. J. Newell
D. Neville
Joe B. Oden
George Oden, wounded at Blakeley, Alabama.
E. M. Oden
Ben Pool
Rich Pool
John Parish
Steve Parish, wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
Charley Parker
Wm. Rainey, killed at Corinth, Mississippi.
Tom Roberts
George Rowe
Jessie Rowe, wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
Aron Rosenbaum, killed at Kennesaw Mountain.
Ben T. Rush
J. C. Ross
J. F. Stewart
Wm. Shannon
Thomas Scott
Frank Swearengin
W. G. Sanders, wounded at Corinth, Mississippi.
P. S. Stokes
Hiram Stokes, killed at Atlanta, Georgia.
Cap Thomas
Wm. Thomas
Pink Turner
D. C. Trederway
Furman Treadaway, killed at Manita.
A. J. Townsend
Alex Wilson
Bill Wilson, killed at Corinth, Mississippi.
Joe Wilson
R. Williamson
J. W. White
John Whitsett
Side Note: Anderson Earp, died Corinth, Mississippi of disease May 08, 1862

This is the end of the 35th Mississippi Company B. I sure hope you found what you were looking for while you were here.

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