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Welcome to the Home of the

The LE would like to thank LE Uriel, Founder of the Lafayette Escadrille for donating this site to the LE

S! all and welcome to the Homepage of the Lafayette Escadrille. We are a squadron competing in the WW1 flight simulator Red Baron 2 and Red Baron 3d. If you have any questions about our squadron, you should feel free to e-mail me at the address below. If you would like to become a member, please e-mail one of the recruiting officers listed on the recruiting page. A message board/forum, chatroom, rank listing, history, pilot roster, medals/commendations page, news page, and allied squadrons page are up and operational. Hope you like what you see and thanks for stopping by.

Spinny's Web Strand
Great Site for Tactics etc.

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Garp's Hangar
Get our paints and much other Wonderful Stuff here

Gates of Isengard
Uruks pages for new paints and some tactics

Brief History and Rank Structure of Squad
Lafayette Escadrille Message Boards/Forum/Chatrooms
Current Pilot Roster and Flight Assignments
News *Updated 11/3/2000
Award/Commendation Definition Page
Awards Given to Allied Pilots Outside of the Escadrille
Squadron Awards and Commendations *updated 11/3/2000
Final Big War Scores and Commendations
Final Great War 3 Scores *Added 3/18/2000
Allied Squadrons of the Escadrille and some Cool Links

Email: Lafayette Escadrille

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