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This page is entirely devoted to the sexiest man on TV - JESSE CAMP


Ever since Josiah (Jesse) Camp won the MTV VJ contest I've been glued to the tv. I think he's one of the sweetest and sexiest guys on the screen. This site is all about him. There are pics, facts and cool links. This is my first website, so, hopefully in the months to come new stuff will be added



Jesse and Tori Amos - his favorite singer

My Favorite Links

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A cool immortal's story, kinda like HIGHLANDER (and two great pix of Jason Carter)
Want to find out more on Jesse, visit MTV online
Do you hate Jesse? Well then this is the site for you
A very cool site with a little of everything

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Jesse's Interview

"I'd always been trying to get a band going and stuff, and I don't really know how everything has fallen into place, it's just benn real. real lucky. I think from day one, my whole vibe has been tring to get a rock and roll scene happening again and wheter it's us or not, I don't know. It's never about one band you know, but I just wanna get the rock and roll scene going again so it can be like in the old days, when there were ton of bands, just tons of rock and roll all over the place." - Jesse Camp


The other day I was walking through the village, and who did I find??? Jesse! I talked with him for a while and he was really sweet. He posed for some photos with me (which will eventually be posted) and we sat on some steps and talked. I was practically speechless, but he was really friendly.He looked so good, and he told me about some recent concert events and and his career! It was one of the best days of my life!!

This page is always under construction


Most of the pix are from MTV Online, and they are being used with absolutely no malicious intent.
*Info from Twist, Aug/Sept 98