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God's Church is identified by His name. This page will give you the true teachings from God to those called to eternal life. This is His voice crying out in the wilderness of sin & carnality. There is only ONE truth! YOU must repent to receive eternal life. HIS Church observes the Ten Commandments, the Saturday seventh day Sabbath, & the Feasts of Leviticus 23 (seven high Sabbaths). The purpose of man is to obey God to prepare him (man) to become - GOD! Only those obeying Him seeking His ways will become God - part of God - sons of God - or Gods in the First or Second Resurrections, Rev.20:1-6, & 20:7-15. GOD is creating Himself, & this slow process is Him revealing to Himself His own creation, Colossians 1:16-17.

Someone put my old site of 2004 on Angelfire as ny5/churchofgodccny giving it prominence over my current 2021 site here - the URL listing, I think. Prophecies here are more accurate & current. Please compare both sites, & let me know your view, if you can get a letter or e-mail to me. USPS & these hosts or US gov't. agencies steal correspondence still.

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These are the abbreviations we currently use for the 67 books of the Bible: Ge.; Ex.; Le.; Nu.; De.; Js.; Jd.; Ru.; 1S.; 2S.; 1K.; 2K.; 1Ch.; 2Ch; Er.; Ne.; Es.; Jb.; Ps.; Pr.; Ec.; SS.; Is.; Je.; La.; Ez.; Da.; Ho.; Jl.; Am.; Ob.; Jh.; Mi.; Na.; Hb.; Zp.; Hg.; Zc.; Ml.; Mt.; Mk.; Lu.; Jo.; Ac.; Ro.; 1C.; 2C.; Ga.; Ep.; Pl.; Co.; 1Th.; 2Th.; 1T.; 2T.; Ti.; Ph.; He.; Ja.; 1P.; 2P.; 1J.; 2J.; 3J.; Ju.; Re.


Rosh Hashanah or the Feast of Trumpets or the first of Tishri is the birthday of JESUS!! This day is in September or October. In Lev.23, the purpose of this feast is not stated, but it is quite logical to assume that JESUS was born on this day. It is also the day JESUS returns to earth to conquer the willfully ignorant world. All people will surrender to HIM & HIS will & laws, Ex.20:1-17; Lev.23; Mt.5. That day also begins the civil year of the Mosaic law. Trumpets is a joyous day to observe in worship of GOD!! Repent & believe & receive LIFE!

There is only ONE truth! These prophecies are based on one or more scripture verses & current events. They are general interpretation with no strict time frame except to the essential 7 years of tribulation of the last week of Dan.9:27. Two important prophecies identify this period. The Temple is dedicated on the city of David on the Feast of Trumpets which starts these seven years, Micah 4:1-2; & the world war of Rev.6:8 which marks the center or halfway point after which Rome rules the world for 3-1/2 years, Dan.12:11. Study to show thyself approved to God & to save your soul from the torments of this tribulation. US actions will be before the tribulation, as well as at least the first two of Israel's wars. WAR with Syria is a sign of the end - only 8-1/2 years to 2031 when Jesus returns to earth.
1. Iran conquers U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, & other areas Dan.7:5;& 8:3-4, c.2023.
2. US alliance defeats Iran, parts of Iraq & Sudan loosing many ships & bases, c.2023.
3. Other nations & terrorists attack US shipping, citizens, & bases overseas & in the US causing US fleets to be removed from the Persian Gulf & the eastern Mediterranean; tens of thousands US citizens dead, c.2022-23.
4. US defeats Libya in war; chemicals used; some pirates captured, c.2023. It appears this prophecy will soon be fulfilled. The US was the principal proponent behind the NATO effort to defeat Gaddafi.

The seven wars Israel fights BEFORE Rev.6:8 occurs are:

0. Israel conquers Syria - Damascus remains - free elections put moderate as leader- c.2023.

1. Israel defeats Palestinians in Gaza & Tyre, deporting them to Palestine after terrorist & other attacks (chemical-others) kill thousands c.2024, Amos 1:6-12; Ek.25:15-17.

2. Palestine & Jordan (Gilead) are conquered; Syria defeated; Israel reoccupies Palestine & occupies Gilead; thousands dead; hundreds of thousands of Palestinians deported to south Jordan, Amos 1:13-15.c.2024.

3. Jordan conquered; hundreds of thousands of Palestinians & Jordanians deported past Highway 15 in Jordan, Amos 1:13-15;& 2:1-3; Isa.11:14; Ek.25:8-14. c.2024.

4. Syria conquered & Egypt defeated; Damascus obliterated; tens of thousands dead; hundreds of thousands Syrians carried captive to Saudi Arabia; Lebanon conquered to Beirut; c.2024.

5. UN Navy defeated with losses both sides; c.2025.

6. Egypt conquered with nuclear weapons; the Nile's course changed; millions dead; Britain & Saudi Arabia allies of Israel; hundreds of thousands Israeli dead, Amos 1:3-5. c.2026.

7. This is Israel's Last War - UN - Russian army of 2,000,000 (plus hundreds of planes & dozens of ships) annihilated by Israel in nuclear war; only 333,000 of this army escapes; most Israeli cities destroyed; 2/3rds population dead or die within 3-6 months; c.2027.

Note: When Rev.6:8 occurs, Israel is "conquered"; the Roman armies are invited in to rescue the nation from Russia. These armies do defeat some Israeli opposition forces. Sacrifices in the Temple are continued for six more months until the Roman Emperor abolishes them on the Day of Atonement burning some of the priests alive on the altar with pigs. I am convinced KARL HAPSBURG is the Roman Emperor; his brother MAX will be the pope; & GEORGE will be a commander possibly the Emperor before he is assassinated.

After the US defeats Iran & Libya & suffers several terrorist attacks, US fleets are reduced by as many as 3, c.2022-2023. A small war with China & North Korea during this time could eliminate 1-3 US fleets, c.2023-24. Protection of the eastern Mediterranean & the Persian Gulf are left to Israel & Saudi Arabia. Actually, when Iran conquers much of the same territory again, it is a Greek Alliance of Greece, Poland, Belgium & Spain that defeats Turkey & Iran in a fast nuclear war, c.2024. This Greek army conquers from the Aegean Sea to Pakistan in about a month occupying their land for about a year. A conquest by Egypt of Crete, Rhodes & Cyprus using nuclear bombs to hold the people hostage forces Greek troops to withdraw from Turkey & Iran, c.2024. This sets off a series of battles & wars between Greece, the UN, Israeli & Roman Empire armies against Egypt (expanded by the alliance of Ethiopia) & (in one last war) Syria. The UN-Roman armies do conquer the Egyptian coasts, c.2024.

China has at least 4000 nuclear weapons. Contrary to popular teachings of born-again & protestant religions, the 200 million man army of Rev.9:13-19 does NOT have nuclear weapons. What prevents this army from taking their nuclear bombs with them on their conquest of Asia is the conquest of China about 5-6 years before Gog sets out to punish the world. There are only TWO ways China would disarm its nuclear arsenal: 1.) by internal reform through peace or through a civil war; 2.) by a UN supported war that defeats & occupies their land. As President, I would offer to buy ALL of the Chinese nuclear enriched material & the enrichment equipment. I would help finance the conversion of their nuclear power plants to burn wood & waste. I would build ONE Acre Cities for their people so they grow their own food instead of importing from nations that will soon need that food & the land it is grown on. I would negotiate a treaty with Russia to accommodate Chinese immigrants to Siberia after 2030 AD. And I would guarantee the national sovereignty of their great nation. NO politician offers these only solutions. Instead, ALL these "leaders" of the US commit TREASON by arming China with nuclear bombs; super computers; & bio-weapons & calling it trade. The ONLY thing they are hoping this TREASON will do is to inspire China to start a nuclear war with other Asian nations so the population "problem" is delayed for 10 or 20 years. This is INSANITY!!! As I said above, Chinese must be allowed to emmigrate - first to Russia by 2040 AD & then to Australia by 2050 AD; & then to Mars by 2080 AD!!!! Nuclear wars destroy the LAND as well as the people. But leaders will NOT do this. When their "little" war seems to succeed, the UN either occupies & seizes or the US buys ALL of this enriched material & nuclear bombs, or the Chinese dismantle their bombs themselves. This is why Gog has NO nuclear bombs. The brimstone from the mouths of the lions' heads is NOT nuclear. These are actual "horses" NOT machines. US & European scientists flee to China to build these things. This 200 million man army kills about one billion. Not until 1980 could China raise such an army!

I am convinced that GOD is saying something with Jer.29:10. This prophecy of 70 years referred to the period 609 BC to 586 BC. In 538 BC Israel got permission to return to Israel. 515 BC Zerubbabel's temple was completed & consecrated. But the spiritual "land" or hearts of the people have not rested in GOD's truths. GOD created Israel in 1948; add 70 = 2018 when GOD has cleansed the land & minds & hearts of Israel, Jer.25:11. As the fig tree, Israel has NOT produced fruit during these 70 years. They have rejected the Mosaic Law!! Will the Levites be found & the tent of David built with animal sacrifice restored in the next year??!! Then the seven year tribulation can not begin until 2024, & Jesus' return to earth looks like it will be in 2031 - two "days" or 2000 years after Jesus' death, Ho.6:2. Read Je.29:10-14. Thou the physical land is blooming & productive, the spiritual "landscape" is "desolate" for 70 years!! This climaxes with an "empty" temple on Mt.Zion - spiritually DEAD. A Levite "Elijah" does preach the Mosaic law from here, but mixed Levite/Jewish priests pervert the law from construction, & within four years, kill "Elijah", Micah 4:1-2; Mal.3:1;& 4:5-6; Mk.6:14-29;& 9:11-13. I think this "Elijah" will preach 1-2 years before the Trib. He is apparently killed at the Passover c.2024 or 2026, or the start of Israel's Last War at the Day of Atonement six months later. Now read Je.25:12-14. This is the tribulation! It begins on the feast of Trumpets 2024. Babylon is SIN, & GOD is punishing all existing sin in these verses.

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Church of GOD extends condolences to all whom have suffered from the WTC & Pentagon US military terrorist attacks which killed about 4000 people & is still killing them. The dead are in God's hands now. The living are subject to man's laws. Bush & the CIA are in partnership with these terrorists & Iraq through the Carlyle Group & the Bin Laden Group. Innocent civilians have already died because of this TREASON! It is certain escalation will be used to confuse & to intimidate the citizens of the nations. These "men" must be stopped at the polls & arrested & tried by concerned citizens. Only the guilty should be punished!!! These flimsy towers should NOT have been built in the first place & were condemned by concerned citizens every step of their creation. (How did businessmen build 5-7 towers high as the empire state building & only 50 ft.x 70 ft. AFTER 9/11??!! They can easily be brought down by cargo planes or small private planes with bombs in them. Insane! TREASON!) Sane minds did not prevail. These attacks were planned in the 1970s by the US military, but I suppose the US did not see a need to create an attack then; they were too busy releasing chemical agents in the subways. Now we know these towers can NOT stand against demolition explosives! They also can not endure earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes NOR small nuclear bombs. 70 years of US - TREASON has armed 75 nations with nuclear bombs- 21 are Moslem; 25 are catholic; 5 are communist. This is one reason Iraq was not conquered in 1991. Saddam exploded radioactive bombs on US troops & threatened to explode nuclear bombs if the US tried to capture Baghdad. Some of these bombs were given to Algeria, Libya, & Sudan in 1991. Up until Nov.1990, the US was arming Iraq; the enriched material was recovered at Kut & in the north near the Syrian border. NY Times,April 29-01, A - "Document Reveals 1987 Bomb..."; Readers Digest, Jan.1998 - "Iraq's Bombs" Now, bombs can be built as small as soda cans & pens. Expect more terrorist attacks & deaths. (This is why NO more high risers over 300 feet should be built.) I just read in Oct.2016 a Ground Zero Report by William Tahil in 2015 that indicates WTC buildings 1,2 & 6 had secret nuclear reactors in them, & they were used as bombs to assist in the demolition of those three structures. Shape charges & thermite paint were also used. Bushes, Clintons, Obama (all CIA agents)& others should be tried for their TREASON & executed for their crimes. Impeachment is too slow & merciful. Scripture warns the people of this generation they can only expect wars before Jesus returns to earth because THEY have rejected HIM. My sympathies to all. Be warned - REPENTANCE is the ONLY way to life. Do NOT reject the truth!!! Do NOT love lies! One last thing - Why did NOT the US Air Force in New Jersey intercept Flight 175, the second plane???!!! There were military planes in the area on maneuvers doing "training" exercises carrying live ammo. Why did none of these planes intercept the hijacked planes?? Why were not high powered rifles, stingers, etc. used to shoot the pilots of flight 175?!! THEY had 36 MINUTES!! And where did flight 77 & 93 land??! Hopkins Airport in Cleveland, Ohio?! (See DVD - "Loose Change" & "911 Mysteries - Demolitions" by Avatar made in 2007. This is a concise documentation of Bush, et al's TREASON in murdering 4000 people on 9/11, & they're still dying.) (I am convinced the US gov't. has mechanisms in all commercial aircraft which enables "them" to take over a plane's flight & fly it to where-ever "they" want to fly it. US military devised these systems in the 1940s, 1950s, & 1960s.) Why were not water helicopters & planes used to douse the flames in WTC before & after their collapse??!! It was a controlled demolition of Marvin Bush of Securacom in charge of security of WTC in 2001, US military, et al - TREASON!! What other buildings did they have security over??! Dulles International Airport?? CHECK FOR BOMBS!!!

IRAQ CRISIS: Iraq, Iran, Egypt, China, North Korea, Cuba, Argentina, etc. each have the potential to smuggle 1000 nuclear, chemical & biological bombs into the US. There was no better reason to invade Iraq! Iraq INVADED Kuwait in 1991. Do you think they can't invade the US?!! They took part in WTC 1993 & 2001! Respect human life! God's CHURCH is against indiscriminate bombing of military (& civilian) targets. Every war strategy should be simplified to TWO basic targets:(1.)- Fighting equipment- planes & cruise missiles should attack & destroy ONLY: 1.tanks; 2.jet fighters; 3. scud & other missiles & their launchers; 4. most helicopters; 5. artillery; (2.) mass destruction depots & manufacturing centers - NOT BY MISSILES - troops should be quickly ferried to each site (with air support to destroy all fighting equipment) to seize the mass destruction material. WMDs still exist in these nations & need to be destroyed; drums of yellowcake were found in Libya in Sep.2011 which could be used to build dirty bombs. The material should be destroyed properly in each nation. This strategy should restore civilian life quickly & establish a better rapport with the Moslem world because of compassion for their people. US military casualties would have been light if proper equipment was given them. AND - should not the US build electronic fences along BOTH borders guarded by hundreds of thousands of National Guard & US troops to prevent any of the 75 nations with nuclear weapons from smuggling them into the US??!!

Clinton, Bush, Obama & Biden have ignored the well-being of the people. A President who is not morally sound in one aspect of life can not be trusted with the morality of the rest of life & the functions of a bureaucratic government. Did Bush obey law in fulfilling his duties as President?!! Like Clinton, Bush, & now Obama, lied to the public - about WMDs - where they are & how his father helped Iraq (& Iran) create those WMDs!! Does he also lie about other matters?!! Did Clinton willfully ignore the borders of the US??!!! Did not BUSH ignore them??!! Did not Obama, illegally in office, permit bombs & enslaved people being brought into the US??!! Iraq has given away its mass destruction weaponry to Libya, Algeria, Sudan & others since 1991!!! What is the US doing to defend the US? A vial is easy to smuggle into the US. If drugs have not been stopped, how can small vials be stopped??!!! Did Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, Nixon do anything to stop arming & aiding US enemies?? Will you become Moslem to prevent a Moslem terrorist attack or biological war? At the least, Clinton & Reno, as Bush, should have prosecuted those US companies that traded this sensitive technology to Iraq & other nations. But Clinton & Bush did not do this. They supported & encouraged illegal, absurd Satanic trade. TREASON trials are the ONLY way to stop this TREASON!!! Tell your elected officials the same - INDICT Bush, Obama & Biden; try them & stop some of the TREASON.

(Clinton was impeached by the House, but he was not convicted & removed from office for the more serious crime of TREASON. It is obvious now that Congress - Republicans & Democrats - are involved in this TREASON. Read NY Times Aug.1-98, front page - "IBM unit pleads guilty..." - to what in effect is TREASON. IBM sold 16 super computers to Russia's Arzemas 16 nuclear weapons manufacturing complex. This TREASON went unpunished - no IBM executives were prosecuted for TREASON. Congress was - and still is - SILENT - TREASON!! The Rosenbergs were executed for less serious TREASON. With these super computers, Russia is building SMALLER nuclear weapons which are easier to SMUGGLE into the US. This is TREASON which should be punished by DEATH of the IBM executives - DEATH!!)

The same old TREASON continues. Obama could have begun to defend the US by 1.restricting immigration (legal & illegal); 2.putting a more comprehensive overview of foreign students on visas; 3.creating three lanes of traffic over US coastal waters (12 miles) for ships and planes; 4.building an electronic fence along Mexico; 5. building two ONE Cities & the factories for them in Mexico & deporting illegals to them; 6. exploding nuclear material in space as tests to intercept asteroids & meteors; & 7. ending arms sales to all nations. This is just a start. President Trump - for the sake of humanity - please end the TREASON & nuclear power!!! Obama's father was born a Kenyan (or British citizen - was Davis his real father ?)& became an Indonesian citizen & his mother was one year too young to claim US citizenship for her son BORN in Kenya. Obama is NOT qualified to be president of the US. Obama released his alleged birth certificate in 2011 with his father (Sr.) listed as a Kenyan citizen. That is proof that he did NOT qualify to be president. The Republicans knew this but still let him be a candidate for the second time. He should have been arrested & tried for TREASON. Amendment 20 mandates Biden should have been president in 2009 until one was elected by the House of the top five votes for candidates. WHY did not the House nor the Senate demand an investigation as they did for McCain who was born in the Panama Canal???!!! Visit: World Net Daily at -or- for more detailed evidence on Obama's TREASON!! Obama's mother & three fathers (Obama, Sr., Frank Davis, Lolo Soetoro) were assassinated by the CIA. CIA!!! NOTE: EVERY president since Jimmy Carter has been a CIA agent!!!

These pages are (c)copyright 1997-2000,& 2001-2019,2023. - Clifford Catton.

POPULATION INCREASE: This planet has 7.6 billion people in 2020 AD. By 2050 AD, when most of today's young will be in their 60's or 70's, the planet will have 14 billion people! How will they be fed & sheltered?! Intense fertilization of the land is the ONLY way to feed all these people. Cities with their highrise buildings & tightly packed & asphalted housing will have to be stopped. Church of God (CG) supports a plan that starts with the poor & may extend to the middle class. CG calls this plan ONE Acre Cities or ONE Acres. It IS absolute & the only solution to poverty & human needs. CG wants the US government to build 50,000 homes each on their own acre of fertilized land in a self operated city of 80 square miles. Each ONE City will house about 100,000 people & can be built for about ONE billion dollars each. Each ONE Home will be built of reinforced concrete similar to that used to build the Berlin Wall. It will be 33'x30'x8' with no basement or second floor. The ONE Home will be on ONE Acre (200'x200') with fruit trees, lawn, a small field & a shed 15'x15'x8'; furniture will be provided free if the new occupant wants them, but some is standard & mandatory. Each ONE Acre City will have community clinics, inner city department stores, police, firefighters, public works, bus lines & terminal, government administrative offices & a medical center. Employees will be hired first from the poor,& then from outside the city. Building restrictions will apply to all ONE land & homes. The poor have permanent residency (but not ownership) until they are no longer poor. To qualify, a poor family must earn less than $30,000 a year & have less than $30,000 in assets. These ONE Acre Cities are valuable US assets worth an estimated $15 billion each- retail. (These ONE Homes can also be sold to the US public commercially for $400,000 each with mandatory furniture included. This could raise $4 trillion.) Cities can not expand - & should not expand- to accommodate the growing population. People need food. The land can only feed 2-1/2 people per acre. Small "farms" are the BEST defense against mass destruction attacks & natural disasters. Large farms are easy targets. I offered ONE to Zimbabwe & North Korea, but they did not respond to my letters, or US postal employees stole them. This TREASON must end, & ONE Acre Cities will help do that. See # <10> below.

JON BENET MURDER: The April 29, 1997 STAR magazine claims John Ramsey's business computers were loaded with child pornography & that state or federal agents trailed him to child pornography stores in Denver & Amsterdam, Netherlands. Why didn't the police & the DA act upon this evidence THEY found in THEIR investigation???!!! Now the grand jury (on Hunter's instructions?)has found no crimes. Tampering with evidence; obstruction of justice; perjury are not crimes?? It is time for a FEDERAL special prosecutor to investigate the Ramseys; the Denver police & the DA. It appears John Ramsey was taking photos of Jon Benet for the porn business protected by the local police that went all the way up to former Gov.Owen. Where are the federal prosecutors??

NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT: People are self-deceived into believing that disarmament has taken place. The enriched materials from any disarmed bombs STILL exist in storage areas ready to be used by the US military or to be bombed by the enemy. MOST religions of this world claim that this planet & ALL mankind end in ONE day by human or supernatural works. THEY are WRONG!!! It is THEIR religion that prevents true nuclear disarmament. The ONLY safe way to destroy nuclear material is to explode it at safe distances from the earth in SPACE. Nuclear was NEVER needed!! These plants should be converted to burn wood & waste. As a write-in candidate for President in 2000, I proposed to the news media that ALL 500 US - ICBM's be exploded in SPACE to destroy the enriched uranium. Subsequently, the US military destroyed the missiles (claiming it was part of disarmament) so NEW rockets would have to be built to deliver these bombs into SPACE. This was just another blatant act to waste YOUR money to duplicate construction & to delay true nuclear disarmament. Nuclear disarmament DOES occur because JESUS rules on EARTH over mortals for 1000 years, Rev.20:1-6; Zech.14:4,8-11,16-19; Isa.65:17-25.

With Israel's nuclear arsenal planted firmly in many nations of the world, you would think their leaders would be intelligent enough to close Dimona's aging & unneeded reactors. One Hiroshima size explosion on (or in) that site will end the existence of Israel!!! Who could smuggle a bomb that close to the reactors?? Or could an accident cause Israel's end?? Will 100 nuclear missiles flying toward that military base be able to hit (& destroy) Dimona & the nation??? Time to close the 3-6 reactors there for the well being of ALL humanity.

Israel & most of the so-called Christian world believe jews are the chosen people - that they are meant to rule the nations now. That is far from the truth!! True Christians are the Chosen People, but they are NOT called to rule the nations now, but to teach GOD's right way of life - the Mosaic Gospel of Grace. JESUS obeyed the Mosaic law, & I am convinced he offered Thank offerings to GOD. He paid the temple tax & observed the Mosaic feasts of Lev.23 as GOD mandated, not as the Rabbis observed.

Contrary to the lies of leaders & the scientific community, 5% enriched "nuclear waste" can be used to build low grade BOMBS!!! This material has to be destroyed in outer space! Will nuclear war in Ukraine start this year?? ALL of Ukraine's reactors MUST be closed ASAP, & the nuclear material destroyed in outer space. The UN must be in charge with participants of both sides involved. There are safer ways to create electricity by burning wood & garbage as some nations do. This could be mankind's last chance for peace. A negotiated peace with plebiscites for the four disputed regions supervised by the UN is the only way. IF independence is voted for these regions, those who want to stay in the new nations should be permitted, & those who want to leave should be allowed with just compensation for their property. War criminals on both sides should be tried & punished according to UN law. The sovereignty of these nations should be guaranteed by all nations involved & the UN.

On Jan.26, 2023, asteroid 2023BU will pass through earth's atmosphere at 2000-2500 miles above surface. It will be interesting to note if this 20 ft. diameter rock causes damage to satellites or structures below. It arrives 7:30 PM.

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For 41 years while I have lived in Kingston, NY, US Postal employees have been stealing my mail. Letters from family, friends, church members, churches, businesses, government offices & agencies, etc. have been stolen by some 30-40 US Postal employees here in Kingston. I estimate about 20,000 first class letters addressed to me have been returned to senders; destroyed; sold; or taken home by these thieves. They have misdelivered my mail to local police; politicians, organized criminals, & just plain local people. US Postal Inspectors covered up for them. The Kingston, NY office illegally closed my P.O.Box 2057 in 2008. I have no money to file lawsuits. This conspiracy has left me in poverty. If you have any of my stolen letters; communications on this thievery; or insights on this criminal enterprise, please write to me with a xerox of your document & e-mail a summary of your information, or come to my home any day at 10 AM with them.

GOD is a way of life that GOD has revealed to man through His Word - Jesus the Christ - & the Bible. The Word - Jesus - created all things. The Bible is His instruction book for mankind. ALL "my" prophecies; science insights; Gospel knowledge comes from the Bible & divine revelation. There is only ONE truth! The Bible is that Word of truth. The ONLY way to receive eternal life is to obey (attempt with all your strength) the Ten Commandments, Ex.20:1-17. They are the eternal LAW of God, the fulfillment of grace,Isa.45:7. If you refuse to repent of your sins & continue in idolatry, GOD will destroy you in the Lake of Fire. You will be DEAD - non-existing - for eternity. There is NO second chance in the resurrection, Re.20:7-15; Da.12:2; He.9:27.

These pages are (c) copyright 1997-2001,2003-2023. - Clifford Catton.

People deceive themselves into judging God according to other people's sins. If a leader sins, that is NOT the example to follow. DO NOT REJECT GOD BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE'S SINS. Repent. Keep faithful to the commandments & the truth. Only those who are doing God's will - His LAW - are pleasing God, Gal.5:17-24. Our righteousness is to do His will, to obey the commandments which are love, which are life, 1 John 5:2-4. This is the purpose of obeying His commandments - to receive LIFE, love - to love God. Have mercy on yourselves & obey God. Obey the Mosaic Gospel of Grace. There is a cause & effect to His laws. His laws give LIFE; they are LOVE. If you jump off a 20 story building, gravity will kill you. If you take too much drugs, your body will OD & kill you. The same is true of His commandments - the royal law. If you steal, eventually GOD - the LAW - will punish you. If you murder, eventually GOD will kill you. If you lie, eventually GOD will rebuke your lie & punish you. His laws are eternal. Repent & believe (obey), & receive LIFE.

For free leaflets - write to me at the above address sending a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. For more Bible truths, visit my other homepages listed below. LITERATURE: Leaflets: 1. "BAPTISM - Born Again?"; 2. "EXODUS!"; 3. "ECONOMIC REFORM!"; 4. "GOD & His Creations"; 5. "GOD's Temple Mount"; 6. "GOD - the Father!"; 7. "The Gospel of GOD's Kingdom!"; 8. "Infinity"; 9. "Minister's Resume - Clifford Catton"; 10. "My Programs as President"; 11. "NOAH'S ARK"; 12. "Oak Island"; 13."144,000"; 14. "ONE Home/Acre"; 15. "Saturday IS the Sabbath!"; 16. "The Second Resurrection!"; 17. "The Land"; 18. "The Places of Safety!"; 19."Titanic - a Tragedy of Greed"; 20. "To the World/ First Resurrection"; 21. "What Is Spirit?"; 22. "What Will Happen to Kingston?"; 23. "What Will We Do as - GODs?"; 24. "Raise Up David's Tabernacle!!"; 25. "Prophecies of These Last Days!"; 26. "END Nuclear Power!!"; 27. "Temple Walls & David's Tomb"; 28. "Jews - the Tribe of JUDAH"; 29. "Jerusalem 31 AD"; 30. "Feasts of GOD"; 31. "New Jerusalem!"; 32. "New Jerusalem Map"; 33. "Soon Future Wars". 34. "Genealogy of Jesus"; 35. "The Nine Earthquakes of Revelation"; 36. "NRA Letter - Jan.12,2023".

Church of God would like to publish more literature on the truth, on true revelations to the Church, but the money has not been coming in. Since Jan.1,1982 when I wrote Gen.Sec.Breshnev, I have written to over 150 individuals in 71 nations over 300 times. For example, I have written to Israeli leaders c/o their Wash., DC embassy 25 times with NO responses. I advised nuclear disarmament into space; ending nuclear power; excavating Mt.OPHEL; building 200 - ONE Cities; a universal 8% federal tax on gross income; & throwing the rich off Social Security (save $200 billion for the needy). I NEED $5000 to put my works on microfiche. I NEED $5000 to safely store God's writings. I need $20,000 for living expenses. Please send your donation to the above address to help publish these truths in print & on the internet, or visit my home address at 10 AM. Thank you for your support & concern for mankind. I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS OR SUGGESTIONS ON MY GUESTBOOK!

PLACE of SAFETY: Many people & Church of GOD congregations believe that GOD's Church flees to a place of safety in the wilderness, Re.12:6. It is "prepared by GOD", & some take that literally. He also prepared the promised land for His people Israel, but they had to do the physical labor of entering & conquering the people (pagans) living on the land. They then had to build houses & plant vegitation & gather food. So it will be when the Church flees. Homes & farms will be there. Or will they? GOD always uses men to fulfill His words also, in the physical realm. The Church has to prepare the placeS of safety before fleeing. But where & what is a wilderness? Apparently, it is where humanity does not live. The Church should contribute or create living spaces to flee to - in a desert; in the mountains; in the rain forests; wherever they can find as obscure a place as possible. There are four levels of safety. Many people who are humane & well liked with family detest the doctrines of GOD's Church & don't believe there will be an end to this society. Should they be warned? Should a place be prepared for them & like minded people? How about your cousin & his infirm mother? They don't believe in Jesus, but they believe in law & righteousness. They haven't really sinned grievously. Communal communities, villages & towns have to be built, BEFORE the wars start, away from military targets & large survival populations. START thinking; & START building.

A QUICK NOTE on NOAH'S ARK: Church of God believes that Noah's Ark landed on Mt.Judi (Cudi) in Northern Iraq near the border with Turkey around 2412 BC. Cudi is a 6000 foot mountain with some flat promenades. Historical evidence establishes many sightings of it over the centuries. NOT ANYTHING of the Ark REMAINS today!! Various peoples plundered its wood since then. When the Flood receded, the lower mountain tops nearby were seen. The mountains of Ararat & others could NOT be seen 200 miles away. After the dry land was seen, volcanic & earthquake activity pushed up the mountains of Ararat, which are volcanic. There was an earthquake under Ararat last century that destroyed a monastery made of hard wood that created the Ahora Gorge. Church of God believes an expedition should be made to Mt.Cudi & its environs to find the Ark's landing spot. Church of God can not finance this expedition, but we still pronounce its need. (The US military knew by the 1970s that Noah's Ark was not on Mt. Ararat.) We also will encourage until accomplished the building of an exact replica of the Ark as a memorial to prove to the world the actuality & truth of the Bible. An exact replica of the Ark should be built & towed out into the Persian Gulf to prove the Ark could float & provide for Noah & the animals for 376 days. The Ark was viable; it did hold ALL those animals. THERE WAS A FLOOD! c.2413 BC.

Remember there was a greater flood BEFORE Noah. Read Gen.1:6-10!! That is a flood. We believe several floods occurred BEFORE God recreated the surface of the earth. This planet is about 6-12 billion years old. Melting ice ages caused various extensive or global floods destroying species but permitting some to remain on mountaintops to continue their existence. This planet has already reached a turning point with an end to flooding as promised by God, Gen.9:12-17.

Church of God believes that ALL the configurations of the continents & ocean floors were created by the Flood of c.2413 BC. None of these geological formations were created by any ice age that may have occurred around 10,000 BC or before. Church of God believes NO ice age of any significance has occurred since 10,000 BC. The "established" scientific community has been deliberately WRONG for centuries. The planet's seven continents were created in c.2412 BC. It was EGYPTIANS who populated the Americas & created the Indian tribes & civilizations. This is the true significance of the FLOOD - God's wrath against man.

NOAH'S ARK - HOW IT WORKED: The Ark had three levels with a central ramp. Larger animals were on the first level; smaller animals on the second floor; & birds, insects & reptiles on the third floor. There may have been an elevator at one end of the Ark from the central ramp; they worked by pulleys & weights. The first level had a corridor about 10' wide which went around the floor. In the center of the Ark on the east side was the only door in (10' wide, 15' high) through a 20' side hall that led into the main hall or corridor. Rooms on the east & west sides & the center rooms were 15' long. I believe the walls of the Ark were 2' thick with a ballast room of 2.5' wide around the Ark on each level. The floor of the first level was 5' thick. The ballast room was stored with hay, water & other supplies. The water emptied into troughs using an air pressure system & plug like a toilet water tank.

The second & third floors were patterned the same way. Each level has its own room where human & animal waste was composted & stored in empty ballast rooms to turn into soil. Perfume, lime & sand were added to the compost to speed decomposition & to reduce odor. Since this compost could be added into ballast rooms only from above, there was no composting in ballast rooms on the third level where extra hay & water was stored. Gas fumes from composting burned in lamps used in each stall to give light according to sunrise & sunset. Carts drawn by animals were used to bring special food to each stall & to remove waste every day, including the Sabbath. The waste was brushed into spaces under the floors with lime added. Each level had other rooms for storage of supplies & food. The eight humans lived on the second level (each couple had their own bedroom) sharing a dining room/kitchen, lounge/grooming room, greenhouse & bathroom with showers. Noah & his family did not lack anything except sunlight & open air.

I believe each stall had several trees & vegitation for oxygen as well as hay for their comfort & food. Some soil may have been used on some floors to grow ground cover that gives off a lot of oxygen. These are the workings of the Ark as I understand it from practical revealed knowledge. Noah, his family of seven & the animals lived in the Ark for 376 days until the land was dry in May of c.2412 BC.

After Noah & his family left the Ark, they lived in tents living off stored food until their first harvest from the land, Gen.9:20-21. Their children, after 100 years, moved south & east to warmer climates & lush vegetation - to freedom & their own land. Periodic regional & annual local flooding occurred during this 100 years leading to the Tower of Babel incident around 2300 BC. While Noah's offspring spread out from Mt. Judi, they had not emigrated far from each other still living in the Mesopotamia area. When God's angel struck the people & confounded their language, the people were frightened & fled into other regions of the earth. The land bridges to Europe & Asia were easy to surmount. By papyrus boats, the Egyptians sailed to the Americas around 2000 BC & established new pyramid building societies. Most of history from there is well known, thou the dating of the early BC is wrong.

The TEMPLE - many churches have argued whether another Jewish temple will be built on Mt.Moriah before Jesus the Messiah returns to earth. While the Jews insist that only two temples have been built, typically they resist reality. GOD has built FOUR temples through the Jews - Moses, 1442 BC; Solomon, 960 BC; Zerubbabel's, 535 BC; & Herod's, 19 BC-27 AD. ALL have been destroyed by God using wicked men. God says a fifth temple will be built soon by the JEWS - and ALL the world helps to build it. Armstrong first believed & preached this & then rejected it because organized criminals intimidated him. Armstrong restricted their understanding of Scripture by saying only the Altar of Sacrifice would be built - & then the tribulation. Now we believe & teach that David's tabernacle will be erected on the northwest corner of OPHEL where the mikvah is & the Givati dig, almost the same place where David placed his when the ark was retrieved from Obed-Edom c.980 BC. David had a summer palace near here for the breezes thru the ravine & the Tyroppean Valley, Amos 9:11. While animal sacrifices can be restored in this tabernacle, OPHEL can be excavated, as well as Tyroppean, to obtain ALL the evidence of the kings & the temples hidden in centuries of trash & the vaults under them. Elijah can return to this tabernacle & preach the Mosaic law to Israel, Micah 4:1-2. Elijah is a mortal living today of the tribe of Levi. He is NOT any dead person brought back to life nor an angel. He is a human who breaths air & needs food like all mortals, Mal.3:1; & 4:5-6. I believe he preaches for about four years, even thru 2-3 wars. Call for the complete excavation of OPHEL & the Tyroppean. Current owners must be given just compensation or moved to comparable places. The Lord wants this done righteously.

These pages are (c) copyright 1997-2001,2003-2023. - Clifford Catton.

Of course, Armstrong & the Jews who refuse to build the temple on Mt. Zion (city of David) are WRONG. Mal.3:1 has NOT yet been fulfilled for Jews' understanding. THEY seek a KING who "shall suddenly come to his temple." God understands the physical world - HE created it. HE created EVERYTHING! So when god says his messenger "suddenly" comes to his temple, - He - GOD - means that a temple must be built. JESUS was the messenger who "suddenly" came to the temple in 28 AD when he first drove the money changers out, John 2:13-22. He "suddenly" returns again in all glory & power (c2031 AD), Zech.14:4; Rev.19:9-11. This temple must be built on Mt.Zion, which is the spiritual name for His FOUR temples that resided or were built on the city of David, Micah 4:1-2,6. (See #s <8 & 9> below.) BELIEVE. REPENT of your sins & obey the Ten Commandments, Ex.20:1-17. The jews can NOT build this temple - only the Levites can.

I first read Ernest Martin's pages on Herod's temple on Mt Ophel (not Mt.Moriah) in Nov.2000. I saw his drawings, & they appeared very plausable. Now I am convinced the Israeli temples were on Mt.Zion & are (what's left of them) 50'-200' underground!! Since the Jews "worship" at a Turkish wall, it is not surprising that they have kept secret the exact building site of Zerrubbabel's & Herod's temples. The Tyroppean & Transverse Vallies were some 300' below the mountain tops during Solomon's reign!! In Herod's day they were GONE! But all the foundations, artifacts & treasure vaults remain there to be recovered & revealed to the world to prove the factuality of the Bible, & the certainty of future Bible prophecies about this planet, mankind & God - JESUS!!! Zech.14:4!! Rev.20:1-6!! Perhaps you know someone in authority who can confirm the temples were on Mt. OPHEL. The recent discoveries of David's palace & Nehemiah's wall on Mt.OPHEL confirm the underground evidence. Josephus wrote of Herod's temple in Wars, Book 6,chap.6,para.2 - gates above the Xystus & a bridge, which was across the Tyroppean. As for David's tomb, it could very well be opposite the pedestal along Pilgrim's Road underground 500 ft. south of Givati & the southern wall of Herod's temple on Mt. Zion. Please contact me with some of the details at the above e-mail & postal addresses. God bless us in HIS truth!!!

(Note: There will be seven Elijah types - plus many counterfeits: 1. the primary Apostle of the Church; 2. the Apostle of the Church in Asia; 3. a modern Elijah, prophet of the Church; 4. a Jewish Elijah from God; 5. a primary counterfeit Jewish Elijah; 6.& 7. the Two Witnesses. All except # 1 are killed.)

I am convinced that Pope Francis is NOT the last pope before the anti-Christ pope. There will be at least ONE more before, I believe, Max Habsburg is elected or appointed pope. This reformer purges some of the corruption from the Vatican; reveals historical archives that prove Noah, Abraham, Moses, David & Israel; & vocally supports the excavation of OPHEL & the building of Israel's temple on it. They also prove from their records, the genealogies of the 12 tribes, especially Levi, & the travels of Jesus & his followers of the first century creating churches. These are the "last days" of Micah 4:1-2,Mal.3:1.

About SATAN: Just because Satan & all demons are chained in the center of the earth during the millennium, does not mean sin will not exist. ALL mortals sin because God wants to justify His son - Jesus, Rom.3:23-25; Eph.2:4-9;& 13-18. People will live to be 100 years old & will feel like children, Isa.65:20-24. Each family will have its own land apportioned to them to grow food & to replenish the earth & to maintain it in righteousness (righteous order). This does not mean humans are to sin willfully because Satan & demons are not tempting them, Rom.6:14-18. Sins in Jesus' Kingdom will be punished quickly according to the Mosaic Law. Because of this swift justice, disorder will not rule, but only the peace of God. Glory to God. Amen.

In my research of National Geographic, I found these issue numbers on the Middle East: A)Egypt: 1.Oct.'63-Tutankhamen;2.Jan.'65-Sphinx Notch;3.May '65-Nile Cruise;4.May '69-Abu Simbel; B)Israel: 1.Dec.'63-First Crusade;2.Dec.'67-Land of Jesus; Jun.'68-Israel Conquers; C)Petra: 1.May'07-Rock City;2.Feb.'35-Petra;3.Dec.'55-Petra; D)Other: 1.Dec.'47-Arab Land; 2.Jan.'66-Saudi Arabia (Mecca "temple");3.Jul.'72-Arab Past;4.Oct.'87-Saudi Women.

THERE IS NO RAPTURE! Matt.24:29-31 is the First Resurrection that occurs when JESUS returns to earth, Rev.20:1-6; Zech.14:4,16-19; Isa.65:17-25. Those in this First one are BORN AGAIN & do NOT suffer the second death!! There is NO second chance! Heb.9:27; Dan.12:2; John 5:28-29. Those predestinated to be saved will hear GOD's voice & respond to Him in total righteous obedience. In the Second Resurrection, which lasts only seven years - Dan.9:27, many that are saved will die a second time by criminals & by Gog's second army, Rev.20:8-9. At the end, those burned to the second death are burned to ashes never to live again, Mal.4:3. No one lives for eternity burning in hell & tormented except Satan & his demons. On the Last Great Day of the Feast of Tabernacles, those mortals alive will be changed to GODS never to suffer nor die anymore.

These pages are (c) copyright 1997-2001, 2003-2023. Clifford Catton. All rights reserved.


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