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Stardards are just that, they are not changeable nor breakable.  Sorry 'bout that.

EOT STANDARD:  Experience is earned through rp, in order to increase anything, it must be rp'ed out to earn it.  If a character already has had the rp'ed experience but has not had any ST logged on to claim that increase, he or she must wait till that is done.

Event Rolls!  This is an EOT STANDARD and has become one of the primary rolls on EOT.  It basically means everyone's got a chance to do something regardless of level.  The system is dice 5 dif 5.  Botch, 0, 1 means bad ...botching is the worst.  2 and 3 means that you think something might have happened or maybe it did but .....    4, 5 means good ...5 means very very good or great.

Characters are developed based on Experience and/or preference.  Sometimes and history is needed, sometimes the CS makes perfect sense.  It depends on the player.

Keep in mind that I am still working on things.:)  This page is ever changing and is always a work in progress, have patience :).


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