Brasov, Romania is the jewel set into the Carpathian Mountains.  It is there, that  legends come alive.  Things that you've seen in those old old movies are real here.  You may think there's no such thing as Dracula......think again.







                          Maria Kaen with Nicholai Kaen


  Viktoria Kaen                          Ethan Johanson


                 Brothers in ALL but Blood


Nicholas Johanson-Kaen                                              Jason Kaen


Their Daughter, Nicola Kaen.

AnnaMaria Kaen, Wife to Jason Kaen

                        Nicholas' lovely Wife  


                Joshua Kaen                   Josh and Sam        Samantha(Johanson)Kaen




         Andrew "Snow"                                       Inada


Other Residents of Brasov.......

Nadia Urmen-Lamartine, Rahvin's Daughter, Gypsy Princess.





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