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Tips for the Toastmaster

This document is a 6 point plan to make the role of the Toastmaster as easy and relaxed as possible. For this to occur the Toastmaster should: Read this document before and refer to it throughout the meeting. This will provide guidance to the structure of the evening and make it an enjoyable experience.

The Role of the Toastmaster:
The Toastmaster is responsible for running the evening's meeting according to the agenda. All eyes are looking to you for coordination and guidance.

1) Preparation:
Arrive 15 minutes early to arrange seats and welcome members.
Note down any voluntaries (volunteers) for items on the agenda that are not present at the meeting.

2) At The Meeting:
Introduce yourself as the evenings Toastmaster. This should be something along the lines of:
"Good evening Toastmasters and honored guest(s), welcome to The Mile Square Toastmasters and thank you for coming along to tonight's Toastmasters."

3) Table Topics:
Explain how Table Topics is conducted - speak for at least 1 min. but no more than 2 min.
Ask the audience to vote for who they believe was the best speaker during table topics and ask them to past (give) a slip of paper to the Topics Master.

4) Prepared Speeches:
Introduce the speaker by their name, summary of Speaker's general background, summary of speaking achievements.
On completion of the prepared speeches, ask for feedback from the audience to be given to the speakers.
State the date of the next meeting and assign roles. Encourage new members or guests to volunteer for minor roles, such as 'Word of the day', 'Timer's report'. For the Prepared Speeches encourage members who have not done a Prepared Speech before to volunteer. Try to have at least 1 'Ice Breaker' speech
Remind the audience to vote on the best evaluator, and for them to give the slip to the Table Topics Master.

5) Finally, close the evening with something like:
"I would just like to thank everyone for speaking tonight and I welcome the guests who are here for the first time and I look forward to seeing you all at the next meeting. Remember to give the Treasurer a dollar for the rent of the room and can people not leave any litter or agendas lying around".

The meeting is enriched if your introductions are interesting, informative and help us "get to know" the speakers/evaluators a little better.
Introduce the speaker by their name.
Greet each speaker with a handshake and lead the applause - do the same on completion of the speech.
Thank the speaker on completion of the speech and try to add some insight to what you've just heard. E.g. Have you seen/heard that movie.
It is not necessary to announce timings as these are included in the program.
It's the President who announces the winner of table topics.
The role of the Grammarian Report and 'Word of the Day' are the same.
It is your job, to clear up after the meeting-agendas, straighten the chairs, anticipate to leave the building no earlier than 9:15pm.

Compiled by Toastmasters of Miles Square Road, 6101-46
Printed with permission of Peter Ward,
Immediate Past President and current Vice President Education

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