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Tips for the Ice Breaker

This document is a 3 point plan to make your first Prepared Speech as easy and relaxed as possible. For this to occur you should: Read this document while preparing for your speech. This will provide guidance and ideas for a professional and entertaining speech as well as making it an enjoyable experience. Use this document in conjunction with your Toastmasters manual.

To introduce you to speaking before an audience
To help you see what your strengths and weaknesses are regarding your presentations
To tell us something about yourself
Try a simple structure for your talk. Usually, there are 3 parts:
1. Opening - start with an attention-grabbing opening line or lines
"Well here I am finally doing my ice breaker" I'm the quiet one who sits at the back and never volunteers for speeches"
2. Body - pick only 3 or 4 main points to discuss. You can talk about where you went to school, your upbringing, a passion, hobby or interest you have, your career, etc. But try to focus on one area, and try not to give us too much detailed information.
The best ice-breakers are usually conversational. Instead of relying on notes, she used a memorized opening, then talked candidly about her career experiences, wrapping up with a clever line.
3. Conclusion
This can be a line or lines you've memorized or at least have a definite idea of your closing line, but try not to read from notes. Eye-contact and presence are more important.
4. Notes and Tips:
Nothing warms an audience more than by showing pictures (even if they are in your wallet) of your family or pets and describing what they mean to you.
The audience can really feel for you if you mention the dream job for which you were turned down, or the distrastrous vacation with your best friend last summer.
Try to personalize parts as much as possible-Your job, why you enjoy it and the characters in the office.

This is your ice breaker speech, so the evaluator and audience are aware this is one of the first times you've stepped up in front of the club.

By completing your ice breaker speech you'll gain a brick in the wall of public speaking. The idea behind Toastmasters is to further your confidence in public speaking. So with this newfound insight and confidence, it'll be beneficial to volunteer to be Table Topics, Toastmaster or 'Speaking Tip of The Day' for the next meeting, while there's momentum. It's like a lot of things in life it's not as difficult as you think!

Compiled by Toastmasters of Miles Square Road, 6101-46
Printed with permission of Peter Ward,
Immediate Past President and current Vice President Education

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