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Welcome to Amira's page
In memory of our beloved daughter.

How very softly you tiptoed into our world
almost silently,
only a moment you stayed
but what an imprint your footsteps have left upon our hearts....

This is her story:

Our precious little angel, Amira, was stillborn on the 4th September 1999. She died of a Group B Strep infection at 42 weeks about half an hour before she was born which infected the amniotic fluid after my membranes had ruptured 30 hours earlier.

I had the most normal pregnancy you could ever imagine - except for the usual morning sickness and a couple of bouts of the flu and bronchitis during winter - there were no pregnancy complications at all right down to my blood pressure which remained normal and did not change throughout my entire pregnancy.

My baby was due on 23 August and from this date onwards I was at the hospital every second day for fetal monitoring to make sure the baby was doing fine, which she was.

Finally, on 3rd September my waters broke at 3am in the morning and we set off for the hospital excited in anticipation of finally meeting our baby. As labour had not started within four hours I was induced with prostaglandin gel. The induction was unsuccessful and 28 hours after my waters had broken we opted for a caesarian. By the time I got to theatre I was 9cm dilated and able to have a forceps delivery. Just before delivery my obstetrician used a doppler to listen to Amira's heartbeat, which was absent. He panicked and with the use of forceps had the baby out within minutes. She was not breathing but was still pink. They attempted to resuscitate her limp body for 30 minutes but to no avail. There was nothing more they could do for her as her lungs were already completely solid.

She was a beautiful baby and, as every Mum and Dad thinks, the most perfect little angel we had ever seen. At a weight of 7 Pound 11 Oz (3.480 kg) so strong and healthy - far too strong and healthy to have to die. She had lots of fair hair, my facial features and my husband's long limbs and large feet - she was 53 cm in length

We were able to spend some time with her and now dearly cherish the memories we have of our little angel.

Life is not easy without her but we find consolation in the fact that she was so perfect and is now watching over us as our very personal "Guardian Angel." It still seems so unfair that we cannot be with her. We only knew her for a short time but we will never forget her. She will forever be in our hearts and minds and our arms will forever ache to hold her. We love her more than words could ever express.
Sally & Andre Cohrt

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This page was made with Love for the Cohrt Family
ByErin and Quinn's Mommy
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