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This is the begining of your adventure

You find yourself in a forest.

This is no ordinary forest however. You see around you, many trees of which you are not familiar. In the distance you can hear the howling of a beast. It sounds ferocious, and sends chills down your inexperienced spine.

You glance around, looking for some clue as to how you got here. You have no memory, except of your basic profession, and that you are carrying a bag.

Inside the bag is a small dagger, and a blank piece of paper. Also, (if you are a wizard) you have a spellbook, (if you are a fighter) you have a sword, (if you are a thief) you have a set of lock picks, or (if you are a cleric) you have a first Aid kit.

Suddenly you hear a noise, as five bandits jumps out of the woods and surround you.

What do you do??

Do you wish to:

Fight the attackers
Flee the attackers
Cast a Spell at the attackers (only for wizards)
Align yourself with the enemy

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