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American Naturist Youth

Welcome to the home page of American Naturist Youth, a contact group for naturists/nudists or those interested in the lifestyle. It's got to be obvious that there's a real shortage of naturist web pages by people 30 and under on the Net. "Generation-X," they have dubbed us, but what we should really be is a generation that embraces social nudity and it's many benefits. I have noticed in all my web-surfing, that, despite my own personal experiences to the contrary, nudity is indeed accepted among a greater percentage of youth today (18 +, at least) than I had anticipated. Witness the casual nakedness rampant in the Burning Man festival. How about Rainbow Gatherings, where nudity is generally not frowned upon except by the most uptight....? What this site would like to provide is a way of people open to naturism to get in touch with one another and maybe even get together for social outings, friendships, relationships, or what have you. It is not the place to "pick up chicks," so if such is your intention, you may as well leave now and not disturb our members. Living in New York, I can't imagine that there aren't people of my general age group that I couldn't get together with if I wanted to. This frustration and the difficulty some people have meeting new people gave birth to the idea for this web site. With it I hope to not only make friends and contacts myself, but to provide all like myself with the same chance. If this interests you in the least, get in touch with me. For the record, my own experience with social nudity is limited to taking a bath with my cousin as a kid, if that even counts. Hence this page and the formation of this organization. I want to give people 18-30 a chance to find like-minded souls who don't have the same, tired old hang-ups about their bodies we're "supposed" to have. I feel bad excluding teens 18 and under, but the only way to legally include them, so far as I can imagine, is to have their parents with them, and that kind of defeats the purpose of our organization. No offense to our elders, but you guys have enough web pages and resorts and whatnot. It's our turn, and I, for one, am tired of seeing the lack of youth-oriented nudist web sites. If this is of even slight interest to you, by all means, drop me a line at a_n_y_body at I know I could have provided a direct link to my e-mail, but I don't want the spammer's 'bots picking up yet another of my e-mail addresses. Lastly, (for now), members will be called ANYBbodies (yeah, I know, it's corny :) ), A.N.Y. being the acronym for this site/group, of course. Bear with me, as I put together this home page. This is all quite new to me: naturism (haven't even tried it yet, hence this site); making home pages; and being this public about anything. Feel free to write me if you're game. (And please forgive the sloppiness of the text on this page; Angelfire isn't the easiest home page-maker for no reason). ;) Now, ths site has gotten more hits and sooner than I imagined, yet no one has enquired about membership. At least sign my guest book and tell me why you haven't signed up. Be nice, okay? :-)

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Naturist Links

Being And Nakedness; a thorough guide
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Burning Man; not nudist in the technical sense, but nudity is allowed
The Nudist Matchmaker; find your mate, a friend or a pen-pal here
Earth Village Naturist Center---become a member


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