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P.O. Box 366
525 Sixth Street
Wells, Nevada 89835
Phone: (775) 752-3355
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408 Ventosa Street
Wells, Nevada 89835
Open April 1st through October 31st 9 Hole Municipal Course

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    The Birth of Humboldt Wells

    The interesting settlement of Humboldt Wells came into being as a station on the Union Pacific Railroad in September, 1869. Humboldt Wells (as it was called because of the headwaters of the Humboldt River nearby) and the many natural wells and springs. During those beginning days it boasted a Wells Fargo office, a log shanty saloon, and a railroad station in a boxcar.

    By 1872, stores and hotels had been added to the single business street paralleling the west side of the railroad tracks, and stagecoaches ran south into White Pine County three times a week. But devastating fires in 1877, 1881 and 1900 slowed development and, lacking any business beyond that provided by the railroad and the ranches, growth was very slow. During the fire of 1877 a railroad telegrapher, for the sake of expediency, ticked off the message that 'Wells was burning', therefore shortening the name from Humboldt Wells to just Wells and it has remained that way since.

    Since the turn of the century, Wells, like many of the old railroad towns, has slowly shifted its center away from the railroad tracks. In the 1940s businesses migrated a block south to US 40, (also known as 6th Street) and in the 1980s, it began an agonizing stretch toward I-80. The last business on Commercial Row, Quilici's, a 60-year institution, closed in 1991. Thirteen saloons once provided entertainment to railroaders and travelers. Now even the Bullshead Bar, the last and most famous of them, with its big dance floor upstairs, is closed and padlocked. However, the Ruby Mountain Brewing Company is a short drive south of Wells.

    Wells' prosperity is solidly based in the crossroads created by I-80 and US 93. I-80 is a main east-west transcontinental artery with the US Highway 93, designated US 93 at Roosville, MT, extends from Jasper, British Columbia, Canada, in the north to Wickenburg, Arizona, in the south and beyond into Mexico.

    The National Road was authorized by U.S. President Jefferson in 1806 as a way to connect the eastern and western states. Construction of the National Road began in 1811 in Cumberland, Maryland, and finished in Vandalia, Illinois, in the 1850s.

    After falling into disrepair in the late 1800s, this National Road, known as U.S. Route 40, was revamped and became the first interstate, known today as I-80. To date, it is the only completely federally funded road, running from New Jersey in the east to California in the west.

    In the 1970's Interstate 80 and US 93 became known as the Crossroads of the Intermountain West coming together in the City of Wells, Nevada which runs from Canada to Mexico...as you've already read.

    Wells is located in Northeastern Nevada in Elko County and is approximately 340 miles Northeast of Reno, Nevada. We are about 50 miles East of the Elko County Seat, which of course is in Elko; 63 miles West of Wendover on the Nevada-Utah border; 65 miles South of Jackpot on the Nevada-Idaho border. Ah, we can't forget about Las Vegas can we? Nah. We are about 540 miles North of Las Vegas and believe it or not, (which has nothing to do with Ripley's), there is a short-cut from here to there. We'll make it easy though: If you're heading South on U.S. 93 to Las Vegas when you get to Ely take Highway 6 to Highway 318. Ely, Nevada is about 139 miles from Wells. This shortcut route will knock off about 50 miles and also help you save fuel. Also, this route is one of the most traveled during the winter months because it enables travelers the opportunity to avoid the higher mountain range along the U.S. 93, just outside of Ely, that has a lot of twists and turns and ups and downs. Of course, all of these miles depend on which side of the road your traveling. Okay, enough geography.

    When you arrive at our remote little desert/mountain community you will find that there is an enormous amount of potential in our area of the world for growth, investment and development. We are located in a rather unique position in the Intermountain West as you will soon "Discover Us!"

    Travel to Wells can be accomplished by motor vehicles, of your choice, or by small to midsize aircraft coming and going at Harriet Field, the local municipal airport. There once was a bus service provided by Greyhound for those who would prefer to take the 'on the ground' scenic routes and leave the driving to them, but, recent cutbacks with the company in (2004) have stopped service to about 250 locations and, you're right, Wells just happened to be one of them. So, no more Grey-dog Express to Wells. At least, not for now.

    The Western Shoshone Nation known as 'Newe Sogobia' covers about 86 million acres of Nevada and includes a small area of Idaho, Utah and a lot of southern California. The Western Shoshone signed a treaty of 'Peace and Friendship' also known as the 'Ruby Valley Treaty' with the United States on October 1, 1863. To this day this treaty is still in controversy because the Shoshone ceded none of their lands to the United States and recent issues surrounding the Yucca Mountain Project, amongst others, have brought this treaty to the foreground once again. On October 31, 1864, one year and 30 days after the signing of the Ruby Valley Treaty the territory of Nevada was granted Statehood. Las Vegas, the area known to people all over the world was annexed to Nevada from both Utah and Arizona. In other words, it was not an original part of the Nevada Territory. It should be noted that the State of Nevada was established in the middle of the Civil War thus giving it the motto of "Battle Born".

    In addition to the Shoshone, the treaty between the United States and the Western Shoshone recognizes their land rights and are upheld by Article VI of the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land. The argument seems to stem over whether or not such treaties can be dissolved by what is termed 'gradual encroachment', an act not outlined or protected by Constitutional Law or Treaties. This, in essence, is the controversy.

    Other historical facts about Wells can be found in the column to your left. The history of Wells offers such stories that are not so obvious like the Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart Ranches, the discovery of heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey and what he was doing in Wells - before he was the World Heavy Weight Champion, and how the town of Humboldt-Wells became just Wells...oh yeah, and the Ghosts!

    Whether you are looking for that quiet rural atmosphere to live and raise a family, a higher impact for your business - be it warehousing, manufacturing, or even retail sales, then you might consider Wells, Nevada as that place.

    The crime rate in our area is nearly zero and the gang type stuff is just something to watch on the news. As stated before, we're rather quiet here. We do not stress over traffic jams (as a matter of fact, when two cars go down the street at the same time - well, that's our traffic jam, but, if three go by then it's a parade! Yeah!!) We don't stress over corporate deadlines, stock market fluctuations or crime. The local atmosphere is one that is cherished by all who live here and is shared with those who visit our little community surrounded by the majestic mountains of the East Humboldt range where even the wildlife are at peace.

    Being of a 'high desert topography' geographically located at the base of the "East Humboldt Range" (Humboldt National Forest), this pine-forested range, with it's fair share of sagebrush and natural wild herbs, has several natural lakes, including the famous "Angel Lake", that offers developed Camp Sites and numerous hiking trails. Wells also offers a whole bunch of other things to do, like, Softball, Baseball, Football and Soccer Fields along with the Chimney Rock Golf Course which has a '9 Hole' spread and Club House. Let's not forget the famed Nevada Gaming.

    Wells Municipal Pool
    As of June 2013 Wells is proud to announce the opening of their brand new municipal pool, located on Shoshone Ave. The original pool was damaged beyond repair from the 2008 earthquake and with great effort from the City Council and community members funds were generated through numerous sources to move forward with the construction of this new and beautiful facility.
    There is a large variety of swimming activities to choose from at the pool but you will have to call them for their weekly schedules. You can just go swim too. For more information please call: 775-752-3956.

    Boys & Girls Club
    A new Boy's & Girl's Club was opened in January 2020 next to the Wells City Park.
    We'll have more on this a little later.

    Wells also has great annual events like the "Wells Fun Run Car Show", "PRCA Senior Rodeos", "Wells High School Rodeo", "Wells Junior Rodeo", "The Charlie Nannini Invitational Chariot Races", "Race to The Angel" just to name a few. We also provide access to "Guest Ranches" and have several Outfitters & Guide Services. Believe it or not, one of the darkest places on the Earth for viewing the night sky is just out of town and well worth the drive on a moonless night. (You will be amazed at what you can see. UFO's? Perhaps. You may even see a 41' Custom Ford Coupe Cruising the streets and that can even be in the daytime).

    Academic and Technical Education follows a path from K-12 to College. These services are provided by the Elko County School District'(Combined Schools), and the 'Great Basin Community College' which also carries a 'Four Year Accreditation' for some degrees.

    Wells, Nevada is approximately 5622 feet above sea level (some say about 10 to 12 feet higher) and has a current population of about 1350 (some say more) combined with the adjacent Clover & Starr Valleys. Wells Time Zone is PST - Pacific Standard Time and we do recognize Day Light Savings Time here.

    Wells is still one place in this world that the adventurous, the investor and the dreamer can truly come and 'Build an Empire!'

    Latest Wells, Nevada, weather conditions and forecast

    Summary ~ Airport Type: Public / Operator: City of Wells / Location: Wells, Nevada
    Elevation: 5,772 ft / AMSL 1,759.3 m
    Coordinates: 4107′02″N 11455′20″W
    Runways: (2) / Surface: Asphalt/Gravel/Soil

    For more information please contact the City of Wells at:
    (775) 752-3355

    ~ No Trees Were Destroyed In The Making Of This Website ~

    For Website Information Please Send Email HERE

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    Webmaster - All Rights Reserved

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    Wells Local Elections
    "Official List - FINAL"

    Candidates for Mayor:

    Gary Pollock

    Jayron D. Robinson

    Michael Speir

    Steve Rodriguez

    Shaunia Thornal

    Candidates for City Council: (One Seat)

    C. R. Beth Savedra

    Noah Swett

    Mikel Beardall

    "Please Note"

    This is the 'Final & Official List of Candidates as of March 21, 2022. All Candidates have until Tuesday, March 29, 2022 to withdraw, which means, the list could get smaller, but, not larger.

    Election Day is scheduled for November 8th, 2022.

    Remember, if you are 18 years of age or over be sure you are registered to vote and then vote. We'll see everyone at the Polls.

    For more information please contact the City of Wells at:
    (775) 752-3355.

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