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    The liberty launch has departed and his "Last Liberty" is in view.. He's "Hit the Beach" one last time, and is headed for someplace brand new..

    Some called him "Butch" and to others he was "Mac"..   But to those of us that knew him well
he was none other, than


John L McCormack





  Boot Camp 1959








John L & Donna

Medora 2001






John L and his pet Eagle







Auctioneer and his right hand man..

John L & Hartwell (Jim Paul)





John L & Dave Achs

Two of the best Signalmen to ever walk on a signal bridge




John L & Jerry Stucky

We will sure miss you
Brother John..
Whenever I hear the song "Big Bad John", I can't help but think back to when we were young..



And there would be John L on the light, and more than likely, it was dogged down..





John L & Dave Achs
Good friends deserve a Hug..

Rest In Peace My Friend..