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    The song playing is called
    "Angels In Heaven" by "Higher Faith"

    by Amanda Klosowski

    Please don't cry; I am alright.
    I am most peaceful late at night.
    When I look down from above,
    And see you praying, I feel your love.
    I am around you all the time.
    If you look in the sky,
    I am the star that shines.
    It's okay; please don't weep.
    Every night I kiss you on the cheek.
    I try to tell you everything will be okay.
    Sometimes it's hard; I want to stay.
    I miss you, but please be strong.
    I want you to be happy; life still goes on.
    I hope someday we will reunite,
    But until then, I love you and good-night.

    When I found out I was having a
    little boy I was shocked.
    I knew my life would forever be changed
    and I couldn't wait to be a mother.
    I fell deeply inlove with my
    child during the pregnancy.
    I was so curious to see what he would look like.

    I went into preterm labor on October 20, 2000.
    Our son Nathen Michael made his way into
    this world after just 1 hour and 45 minutes of labor.
    He entered this world sleeping and went to heaven.
    He was born when Mommy was 33 weeks
    pregnant with him.
    During labor the umbilical cord got wrapped
    around Nathen's little neck.
    When he was born the doctors tried to
    bring him back but were unable to.

    When I saw and held my son he was in such peace.
    He looked exactly like his Mommy.
    He was just 4 pounds, 7 ounces and 17 inches long.
    I was truly heart broken.
    We miss and love you Nathen.
    You will never be forgotten.

    Nathen became a big brother on March 19, 2002.
    His brother's name is Ethan Tyler.
    Ethan was born with complications and
    joined Nathen in heaven when he was 2 days
    old on March 21, 2002.
    We miss both our boys and can't wait to see them
    again when I go to heaven.

    Nathen is a big Brother again!
    We had our first daughter!
    Tyler Madison was born January 24, 2003
    Please pray for us and our new little girl!

    Nathen is a big brother for the 3rd time!
    We are proud to announce the arrival of Carter Aiden Hess!
    He was born December 9, 2004 at 3:12am.
    He was 6 pounds 12 ounces and 18 inches long.
    He is a perfectly healthy little boy!

    Written by Mommy

    Your brother is there to hold your hand
    When Mommy canít.
    Your brother is there to kiss your cheek
    When you are sad.
    Your brother is there to hold you
    When you feel lonely.
    Your brother is there to tell you Mommy loves you
    When you forget.
    Your brother is there to play with you
    When no one else will.
    Your brother is there to whisper I love you
    When you donít know.

    Nathen and Ethan In heaven together.
    Mommy and Daddyís little guardian angels.
    Together forever, brothers.
    Protect your brother
    You have only each other now.
    Never be alone
    For you have each other to hold
    Never cry
    Wipe each otherís tears away.
    Remember to tell each other
    We love you.

    Nathen and Ethan, our two little boys.
    We will never forget you.
    You live forever in our hearts and tears.
    ~Love Mommy~

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