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Congratulations to All!!

The Northern Nevada Brittany Club's Fall Field Trial was a HUGE success! Thanks to all who participated and to those who helped out! It was great to see everyone again, especially Paul Doiron, who miraculously recovered from being struck by lightning a month before. He successfully handled many dogs to placements.

Open Limited Gun Dog 1 Hour Stake (22 Starters)

1. Lobo's G Man - Handler: Jimmy Berneathy
2. FC Sam-Dee's Traveler - Handler: Paul Doiron
3. Shiloh's Blazin Coolhand Luke - Handler: Paul Doiron
4. DC DC Microchips of Nutmeg - Handler: Paul Doiron

Amateur Gun Dog (21 Starters) (Open to All Breeds)

1. Tucalota's Blazin Ocho - Handler: Ed Mayhew
2. Shiloh's Blazin Mad About You - Handler: Pennie Peterson
3. Shiloh's Blazin Tri'd N' Tru - Handler: Marc Rittner
4. AFC Smoke Creek Woodrow (pointer) - Handler: Willie Stevens, Jr.

Open Gun Dog (24 Starters)

1. FC Scipio's Rushing River - Handler: Paul Doiron
2. Shiloh's Blazin Mad About You - Handler: Paul Doiron
3. Rocking R.M. Cornflake Jake - Handler: Ed Dixon
4. Little Texas I Am - Handler: Mike Jessen

Open All Age (16 Starters)

1. FC Sam-Dee's Traveler - Handler: Paul Doiron
2. AFC Lobo's Rebel Dogg - Handler: Al Ashton
3. With Held
4. With Held

Open Derby (12 Starters)

1. Simply Irresistible - Handler: Marc Rittner
2. Tequila Dynamite - Handler: Marc Rittner
3. Casablanca's Charlie Brown - Handler: Jimmy Berneathy
4. Tule Rivers Traveling Sam - Handler: Paul Doiron

Open Puppy (16 Starters)

1. Shasta Z Roc - Handler: Mike Jessen
2. Booker's Northern Legacy - Handler: Peg Doiron
3. Shiloh's Whoa Nellie - Handler: Peg Doiron
4. Shiloh's Man About Town - Handler: Peg Doiron