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17/01/03 Yay! I fixed the screenshots! Well, actually, it's more like, they fixed 'emselves. I was just checkin my site for errors like I usually do every time before I edit it, and I'm like, oh! The screenshots work! Hooray! Now lets all celebrate with tea and crumpets.


07/01/03 Okay, I was feeling lazy today, so all I did was correct a minor syntax error on the main codex page. The screenshot problem still hasnt been fixed, but I'll keep you posted.

30/12/03 Today I decided to add Magic and Skills to the codex. I will start work on them approaching the completion of the library. I have also noticed an error on the screenshots page, and it will be repaired as soon as i locate the problem. I am assuming Angelfire is at fault, because it worked fine when i pasted the code into frontpage.

Later That Night... Okay, just to prove to you people that I am still working on this site, I just added all 36 Sermons Of Vivec to The Library, which is now open! Have Fun.

23/12/03 Okay, I'm really sorry I haven't updated the site for so long, and to make up for it I've FINALLY OPENED THE ALCHEMY CODEX!!! I've also done a decent amount of work on the book section; the contents is now in three columns, and fits nicely into a 1024x768 web browser. Expect it to be open in a few months. Enjoy the codex and have a Merry Christmas!
Simba Out.

24/09/03 Alright, lets face it, Bravenet forums aren't the best in the world, so I am going to learn CGI (again) and make my own. I don't know when it will be completed, but it should't take long. I think I will get a domain name when it is finished, because I don't think that the free version of Angelfire lets you use CGI scripts anymore. (Hence the reason that I got a new hit counter.)

20/09/03 Ok, I've started the book section of the codex and it currently contains 6 books. I have no etoc yet but i will post one as soon as its available.

19/09/03 Ok. Just like I promised, the new screenshots have been added, but, seeing as I'm so mean, I'm not opening the alchemy section until the rest of the codex is done, and right now its moving very slowly, because I lost everything, and with an 800mHz processor, it will take a while to play Morrowind and get it back.

19/09/03 Alright! Angelfire has finally fixed my account and I can once again update my pages. Expect to see a heap of new screenshots (by me) added when i get home from school (which starts in about 48 seconds). I am also going to open the alchemy section, maybe ;)

07/09/03 Yaaaaay. Good news everybody. The alchemy section of my codex is nearly finished. I've completed all of the attributes of all of the ingredients, all i have to do now is descriptions, weights, and values, which shouldn't take long, then after that is completed, i just have to do the other parts of the codex, which shouldn't take long. It should be completed before the end of today.

05/09/03 Ok, I finally got around to putting links to the message boards and FAQ on each page, which I hope you will find useful, seeing as no-one has posted anything yet. Anyway, back to that codex... Wait a minute... yaaaay... 220 visitors already, and I'm not even on listed the search engines yet. Much better than my old Zelda site, huh? Oh well, school time, see ya.

04/09/03 Just more working on the codex today.

10 minutes after last message Ok, the forums are now working (I hope, I havent tested them yet, but I'm about to) on the main page, I'm just gonna put a link to them on all my other pages, then I will spend the rest of the day working on that bloody codex. *snarl*

A couple of hours after the last update Wow, three updates in one day. I didn't get around to working on the codex today (oh no!) but I did manage to get some FAQ happening. Feel free to post a question if you like. You may notice that I have a slightly different personality in my FAQ section. The reason: I hate answering questions. I've hated them ever since pre primary when I had to tell my teacher 'why Jimmy had a blood nose.' The truth is, I belted him in the face with some cricket wickets, but I wasn't going to admit that now, was I? (Note: This actually happened.)

3/09/03 Sorry I didn't set up those forums yesterday. Yesterday was the first day I didn't work on my site. I found this game on Newgrounds called Disorderly, Its really cool, id give you a link, but that would mean that I'm affiliated with a site that contains 1001 uses for dead babies, so I won't. That's just sick. Anyway, as for the forums, I'm setting them up a you read this, so expect them to be open in a few minutes.

02/09/03 Just letting you all know, I spent yesterday getting my site listed on all of the major search engines. They told me that I will be on their lists in less than a week, I hope. And I am still working on the codex, and DAMN it is taking for ever. Still on schedule though, it should be done in a week to 10 days from now. I also just got a forum, but school starts in ten minutes, so I'll set that up when I get home.

26/08/03 Today and yesterday, I worked entirely on the Alchemy section of the codex. It is about half finished.

24/08/03 Today I fixed some minor bugs in the site and began contruction on the codex section. It should be completed in less than a week.

23/08/03 Well, my site expansion project is running way ahead of schedule, so, here it is today. This site is currently being updated daily.

20/08/03 Yep, This Is My Morrowind Site. It's not much to look at yet, but it'll get better with time. Plus I am planning on getting a domain name.

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