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Welcome to Soulified

Ben Somers - Rhythm Guitar
Nathan Marcy - Vocals
Jacob Wolfgang - Bass
Curt Anderson - Vocals
Chris Vickery - Drums
Corban Lott - Lead Guitar


April 23 - 2001: All right folks, it's time for change. Out with the old, and in with the new. Out with the old name, in with Silence The Winter. Out with this old web page and in with (coming soon). And sadly enough, out with Curt. He felt that this wasn't right for him any more, and now Nathan will take control of almost all vocals.
December 11 - 2000: Soulified proudly announces the sixth member of the band, Mr. Nathan Marcy. Nathan plans to be used for vocals, but he does play a mean bass, and could possibly play some keyboards for us. He has played with us before, and we are excited about the possibilities and depth that he'll bring for the band.
November 16 - 2000: Yesterday, Corban and Curt hauled themselves into the recording studio at Alma College and recorded 3 acoustic songs; "I Need You Now," an acoustic version of "Rain," and "Cartwheels in the Sand." All five of our current recordings should be on at least one CD within the next couple days. And, as always, we'll keep you filled in.


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