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Bad Jokes

Heres all the bad, dirty, great jokes your looking for. These jokes have the swearing and some of them are kinda clean I guess but I dont know, judge for yourself, enjoy!

Fights-A good example of how fights get started in relationships.

OOPS!-A nurse misunderstands the Dr and cuts the wrong thing off.

Bad Timing- A kid offers a kangaroo some treats at the worst possible time.

Graduation-This kid totally has the right attitude about graduating.

Dance-A little pose while dancing goes wrong.

M&M's-See how M&M minis are really made!

Keyboard Key-I think EVERY computer should have this key on it, I know I'd use it quite a bit.

Street Sign- I have YET to see a sign like this (especially in this area hehe) Anyway its got a sheep, a farmer, and its animated, need I say more?

Teletubbies!-Yes, those cute loveable teletubbies, they dont look so cute after dark.

Yoda-Fighting the darkside must be stressful, ever wonder how Yoda always seems to keep his cool?

Well thats it for theis page (for now) Again, please email me if you have any good jokes, I'd LOVE to get some more. The address is on the bottom of the page, thanks again! : )

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