In loving memory of Michael-Scot McMurry

Michael-Scot McMurry
14 October 1956 - 4 April 2001

Mike was a friend, a fellow artist and furry fan. I knew him as a man of great optimism and spirituality.
He had been battling stomach cancer for several months, and it appeared that he had beaten it, until it claimed his life while he was in a coma.
We were working on a project together; a fantasy novel I would write and he would illustrate. I was wondering who I would dedicate it to. Now I know...
Goodbye, friend. You've touched more lives than you'll ever know.

Zonie Coyote: A strip he created

R.J. Johnson's Yerf archive
(Includes a two-page strip featuring Zonie)

Arizona furry convention using Zonie as its mascot.
The Michael-Scot McMurry Award for Conspicuous Integrity is detailed here.

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