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8th, 9th and 10th EUCHARISTIC MIRACLES – They happened in Naju, June 30, July 1st and 2nd, 1995. Thousands of pilgrims they fill the Parochial Church, to commemorate the 10th Birthday of the spill of tears of OUR LADY'S image. The Holy Mass was celebrated on the night of June 30th and concelebrated by eight priests. The seer has seated in the back of the Church and by last she has taken communion. In the instant of the communion, suddenly, the persons that were near Julia saw sharply that the Sacred Host in her tongue became a piece of flesh covered with the Blood of the LORD JESUS. Shocked and full of emotion, many people cried before the reality of seeing in front of them, the live Body of GOD. The priests and people that were in the proximity testified the notable phenomenon.

After the Mass finished, the pilgrims accompanied the seer to Chapel, where was OUR LADY'S image, for the night service of prayer in continuing the commemorations. With the place completely occupied by the animated faithful that they prayed and sang hymns in to praise the VIRGIN MARY, the ceremony began. In the middle of the prayer Julia began to feel terrible pains in the area of the abdomen, in reparation by the abortions that murder so many innocents. Then an impressive scene happened which it portray the desperate resistance of the fetus that it doesn't want to leave its mother's uterus that wants to abort him, and by the seer's mouth it manifest all fear its by the death that approaches and screams: “No mom, no mother, don't kill me" . In the silence of the Chapel, where was only heard the Seer's painful screams, Fr. Francis Su, of Malaysia, invited everybody to kneel and pray for the people's conversion that they are responsible by killing of unborn babies. With emotion the people crying prayed with a great faith, thanking GOD for that wonderful mystic experience.

It was 3:45 A.M. of the morning of July 1st and all the assembly was in silence listening at the report translated into English, of our BLESSED MOTHER'S last messages. All of a sudden, Julia that was in the front row beside Fr. Su, Fr. Pete Marcial and others, has stood up and was projected for front in the direction of the image, extending her hands vigorously, as if trying to grab something that nobody saw. It happened that while she heard the reading of the messages that she herself had received, has seen Crucified JESUS' image on the wall, above where was the VIRGIN MARY'S image, to win life and the LORD with a face in complete suffering, HE let the blood to flow in quantity from seven large wounds it made by the nails of iron in the feet and hands, from the lance of the roman soldier in the right flank, from the sore opening of the Heart and from the wound in the head caused by the Crown of Thorns. Soon, from the seven wounds, the precious blood became white circles, and following into pure Sacred Host. Some people in the Chapel have said that they saw a brilliant light, as if it went a fast flash coming out of the crucifix. Others people heard a similar the hailstorm. The Sacred Hosts came down out of the JESUS' wounds and they have begun to fall. Julia moved forward and stretched her hands with determination in that moment, for to catch them, in order of not to let them falling in the ground. But the Host they avoided the seer's hands and lodged itself of manner comfortable in the altar, at the feet of the VIRGIN MARY'S image, in the presence of the entire assembly that was astonished when it saw the Host appear of sudden in the Altar. (The pictures that we presented to the right and above were captured in that moment) In the instant that the seven particles have fallen on the altar, was that some people heard the noise as if it were of a hailstorm.

They also remembered the BLESSED MOTHER'S request on November 24, 1994 to prepare a tabernacle in the Chapel, beside HER image. Of course those seven Sacred Hosts that had just arrived would be installed there inside a Ciborium.

This miracle was carried to the knowledge of the local Archbishop in the same day. He instructed Julia and the others to consume the Sacred Hosts soon and not to leave them kept in the Tabernacle. In obedience they selected seven people to receive them: two priests and five laymen, among them was the seer.

On the following day, July 2nd, the chosen ones have received the Communion. As soon as she received the Sacred Sacrament the miracle repeated, the Host became flesh covered with Blood on her tongue. In fact nobody expected other miracle, remembering that in less than 48 last hours had happened in the Parochial Church. But in that way it stayed understood that our SACRED MOTHER was so anxious in to restore a fervent devotion Eucharistic, that she sent other surprising sign. The phenomenon happened like this:

The Chapel was full of people with much faith that prayed and remained in anxious expectation that some new fact could happen, at the same time that they were sensitive at the facts and expressed gratitude to the LORD GOD for all the teachings and demonstrations of love. Julia was instructed by the priest that celebrated the Mass, by order of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese if the Miracle happened again, she should immediately ingest the Host transformed into Body and Blood of the LORD living. However, not intending to disobey the superior decision, but in face of the impressive miracle that was repeated soon after, to the joy and commotion of everybody, Fr. Su and Fr. Marcial who were attentive to the events, encouraged the people to pray before GOD and fervently to supplicate the Divine mercy because of the many sins of the world. And everybody in respectful postures of adoration prayed and glorified the ETERNAL FATHER for that magnificent and unequaled sign, while Julia stayed with open mouth showing the LORD, who was filmed and photographed by the people. And for there to be not doubt, the two priests immersed their fingers in the Precious Blood under the seer's tongue and showed to everyone in the Chapel. It was one more unquestionable and definitive test of the phenomenon that had just happened. After they dried the fingers in a "Corporal", (small rectangular white linen cloth) not only once, but repeated several times, until that cloth stayed visibly marked by JESUS' Blood. (See the picture below). Until today the Corporal is preserved in Naju as one more testimony of those notables supernatural manifestations. Fr. Marcial, with the same finger that he immersed in the LORD'S Sacred Blood, touched the face of a six-month-old baby who had epilepsy and was dying. The baby has been completely cured since that night.

When the CREATOR gives us special signs, HE does not do it to satisfy our curiosity, but HE has a Divine purpose, part of Plan for humanity's Salvation. These signs in Korea are extremely important, much beyond our capacity of perception. I want to say that when the LORD give us signs we should contemplate deeply on them and to try to understand above all that HE awaits a formal answer from each one of HIS children. Because of this, now is the time to meditate on these recent signs and try to extract from them all the benefits for our own existence.

12th EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE – It happened in The Vatican, on October 31, 1995. Julia in company of Monsignor Nam Ik Paik, Julio her husband, Rose her daughter and Raphael a seminarian, has participated in a private Mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II. There were also several authorities and people from France that were invited. During the Mass, the seer and her companions were authorized to sing hymns in Korean. In the moment of the communion when the Holy Father gave the Sacred Communion for Julia, it occurred again the Eucharistic Miracle; the Consecrated Particle in the seer's tongue became Body and Blood of the LORD.

This miracle was accompanied intently by Monsignor Paik who was beside the Seer. He testified that the Host on the tongue of Julia when changing into flesh covered with Blood was a little larger and took the form of a heart. According to the Monsignor's word, this phenomenon was equal to what happened in the 11th Eucharistic Miracle in Naju, on September 22, 1995, during a Mass celebrated on a mountain near the city by the Bishop Dom Roman Danylak of Toronto, Canada and co-celebration of two others priests.

When the Mass finished, immediately His Holiness approached of the seer and testified to the miracle. He gave to her the papal blessing and a Holy Rosary as a present.

13th EUCHARISTIC MIRACLE – It happened in the Chapel of Naju, on the day of the commemoration of the 11th Birthday of OUR LADY'S image shedding tears. Pilgrims of many countries with devotion have participated of the night of prayer in honor of the BLESSED MOTHER. At approximately 3:00 A.M. of the morning of July 1º, 1996, Julia saw the Precious Blood flowing from JESUS' seven Wounds in the Crucifix fixed in the wall, as in the previous year. Soon, the Blood became Sacred Host surrounded by a dense brilliant light. The light became stronger and began to shine in all persons that were present in the Chapel, as well as in the people of the side out. Then a very powerful light radiated from the Crucifix upon the seer, who gave a loud scream and fell to the ground because of extreme pains in seven places on her body: in the head, in the heart, in both hands, in the feet and in the side, the same places of the JESUS' wounds. She was still with the mouth opened after the screams of pain, when the Sacred Hosts that have come from the Crucifix have entered smoothly into her mouth (picture below to the right, was taken in the exact moment). Fr. Francis Su, two other priests and the people that were next of the seer, they saw the Sacred Hosts locate itself in Julia Kim's mouth.

At about 12 hours and 30 minutes of July 1st, 1996, again she had strong pains of the crucifixion and began bleeding on the palms of both hands. Fr. Raymond Spies, Fr. Francis and some other people, witnessed the event.

Approximately at 1 p.m. of the following day, July 2, 1996, Fr. Spies, the seer and some other people prayed before our SACRED MOTHER'S image in the Chapel, when suddenly, she screamed loudly and dropped to the ground. She had just received a powerful light from the Crucifix and had suffered the same pains of the crucifixion in seven parts of the body as in the previous day, bleeding in the palms of both hands. She put on gloves to hide the wounds and the hemorrhage, but the gloves were soon wet with blood.

For her spiritual director's recommendation, at 4:00 P.M. of this same day, Julia visited two hospitals in Kwangju in order to show the wounds in the palms of her hands. The doctors examined the wounds and the hemorrhage, emitting declarations in writing, saying that they had unknown origin and that they could not be explained as any natural causes. The bleeding stopped, and the wounds disappeared soon later.


Detail of one Host that came from JESUS' Wounds. - Fr. Spies lifts a Host before OUR LADY'S image and the Crucifix is above, from where all Hosts came.


The Pope John Paul II testifies at the miracle of the Sacred Host in the seer's tongue that became Body and Blood of the LORD.


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