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Etcetera's Lair

=^o.^=Hello, this is Etcetera welcome to my CATS site.Please paws and look around. Special thanks to Christina for the image of Etcetera. More stuff will be coming soon!!!=^o.^=
This site was updated Sunday, July 30,2000

4/23/01 - Sorry for the total standtill in updating. But v2.0 is starting to come into being and will be up in the next couple of months. I've also added a pic of my sweet little NeoPet at the bottom of the page =^o.^=
7/30/00 - I've put up a new site in the links section and I'll be putting up new pics in the gallery. You will all kindly keep yer paws off 'em once they're up ^_^ =^o.^=
6/7/00 - I've won an award (yay) and I've added a lovely Rumpleteazer drawing to the fan art section. The new version of this site is slowly coming into being..and I do mean slowly -.- =^o.^=
4/9/00 - I've finally gotten sround to closing off the RPG section. Myself and the actual owner of the list are unable to keep up with everything. The RPG is still running though =^o.^=
2/5/00 - I'm creating a new and improved Etcetera's Lair (though sometimes I feel like tearing both of them down) This site will soon just be the welcome page for it =^o.^=

SOUNDS -Sounds from the CATS video
ABOUT THE KITTY-Scary part, it's about me
FAN ART-CATS drawn by me, my firends, and others
FAN-FIC-Stories written by and for CATS fans
LINKS- Visit other CATS around the WWW
Member stuff-Banners and links to membership pages

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This CATS Webring site owned by the Jellicle cat known as Etcetera.
If you are a fan of CATS, the musical, join the ring!
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E-Meow me=^o.^=

chibitinnyanko got their NeoPet at

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