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Turquoise nuggets, Fluorite crystals, Petrified wood, Obsidian gravel for aquariums

Seven Devil's Fluorite, offers Fluorite Crystals for collecting or display; Obsidian for flintknapping or lapidary use; natural, black, decorative, Obsidian gravel for aquarium, crafts, or decoration; Turquoise for lapidary use; Turquoise nuggets for jewelry; and Petrified wood for study, lapidary, or display. All of this material has been hand mined in Nevada by myself.


Fluorite Crystals

As the crystals vary in quality and quantity, please contact me with your requirements. Material is available on a pound basis for beginning collectors and schools, as flats, and as individual specimens for collectors. The crystals vary from purple to clear and up to 27mm on a side, all on a tan or fluorite matrix.

This natural Nevada glass has not been impregnated, colored, or tumbled, but only washed and sorted. The smaller material has white micro-bands and flakes, while the larger material, suitable for flintknapping or lapidary use, is black with occasional gray micro-bands.
Gravel, 3/16 to 3/4", $1.00/lb
Gravel, 3/4 to 1-1/2", $1.25/lb
Gravel, + 1-1/2", $1.25/lb
Rock for flintknaping $1.25/lb


This Nevada turquoise like material is generally pale green, with bands of chrysocolla and reddish micro-bands of hematite. All material is checked for hardness and the pervasiveness of color by a small cut. The size offered is at least three inches on the smallest dimension. The material is heavly silicified and contains other colorfull copper minerals. It polishes well, however, this is not the briliant green or blue of the smaller sized material used for jewelry.
Price $2.50/lb

A limited quantity of generally nodular, up to 30mm in length, robin-egg blue and green, Royston, Nevada turquoise nuggets are also offered at a price of $39.00/lb. Some of this material such as the cut example shown below should be stabilized.

Green and Blue Vein


Petrified Wood

This heavly silicified and opalized wood generally contains bands and eyes of white to clear opal in a hard, variable red banded matrix. Due to the intense silicification the wood structure is mainly evident on the outside except under high polish and magnification. It cuts and polishes well for lapidary use, and the size, about 3" in diameter makes it attractive for aquarium display.
Price $2.00/lb

Shipping costs are extra.

Jay W. Santos
Box 871
Yerington, Nevada 89447

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