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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Episode #8

First aired March 1, 2000 (Rated TV-PG-V)


Combat Self Defense

Rod Sachamoski studied martial arts for years in Okinawa. Upon returning to the U.S., he continued to study various types of martial arts, and eventually created his own unique form, called "Juko Kai." (a.k.a. "Combat Ki"). Juko Kai is a combination of combat arts, such as those practiced by the Samurai. Over the past 30 years Dr. Sachamoski has trained countless Secret Service agents and police officers. By controlling his mind and his breathing, Dr. Sachamoski is able to defer anger and withstand shocking levels of force to very sensitive parts of his body. He teaches his students to do the same thing. See a football kicker, boxer, and a martial arts champion hit Dr. Sachamoski’s students in the most sensitive areas of their bodies while they remain perfectly calm.

Thai Pusam Festival/Pinhead Man

The Thai Pusam festival is a religious ceremony in India which is an integral part of Hindu worship. During the festival, participants pierce themselves with various objects such as skewers and hooks. As the piercings take place, these participants go into a trance-like state. Also meet a man who is so inspired by this festival that he creates his own personal ceremony. This man allows someone to thread string through his eyes and lips with a sharp needle!

Psychiatric Torture

Located at the St. Joseph’s State hospital in Missouri, George Glore’s collection of psychiatric instruments tells the horrifying story of centuries of misguided treatments for the mentally ill. Many treatments were based on the concept that mental illness stemmed from devil possession or bad blood in the system. Some of the exhibits include a 19th Century Tranquilizing Chair, which is a restraining device that uses a devious method to bind the arms and legs of the patient, and the Bath of Surprise, which was a cold-water treatment for scaring out the demons that plagued someone.

Blind Bowling Granny

Meet CeeCee Clark, who is legally blind, yet she has bowled a perfect 300 game! Outside the bowling alley, she uses a seeing-eye dog to get around, but on the lanes she is an accomplished bowler who regularly gets 10 strikes a game. The clever granny positions herself by feeling the back of the approach with her foot while keeping her hand on the ball return to the side of the lane. Follow her through a few games, and you’ll see that her high scores are no fluke!

Metal Eating Man

Believe it or not, this man really eats metal, glass, and just about anything else he can get his hands on. Even though he once ate an entire airplane, he is amazingly in excellent health! As he gets older, however, the risk increases more and more. While a shocked crowd watches, this human billy goat will eat broken glass, razor blades, nails, and even the plate that these delicacies are served on.

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