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Supperbell Roundup

A Boy and his Banjo, now residing in Chicago, IL. Brendon Massei has popped along, playing with Palace, Sebadoh, and the Mountain Goats in the Mid-Western states throughout his existance as Supperbell, singing songs of wandering and wonder. His current CDEP is a collection of five tunes that he recorded with KRS Poulin in St. Charles, Illinois. He has many recorded works in circulation, and a new LP "At Station Four" is out on Side One. Another LP will come along from his current label, All City, Later in '99. He is looking for compilations to give tracks to, and other labels to put out various recordings.

a Review of Matchbook Sorrows from the Las Vegas Weekly

Brendon Massei
4754 n. Leavitt 2nd floor
Chicago, IL 60625

Meet me by the River (excerpt) in RealAudio