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is used to kill vegetable life.
It is also an ambient hardcore band.
Current releases are drony, dense, and mechanical--
repleat w/ mutated samples of popular culture.
 A series of 12"s are in the works.

(RCR2) S/T- The First, w/ no titles listed. Elements of acoustic guitar, pounding pistons(?), ground metal, detuned guitar chimes, steam, loud water, and drum dub. Side 2 is a dense 45 minute recording called The Value of Mad Love Respawning which is a Black Hole of pre-Paraquat sounds. Weird stuff.

(RCR5) OHM- The Resume. Quiet Blips, Digital Carcasses, Harmonic Swampland, this is Loud Introversion. Song included: Everyday Skin, a Disembodied Trudge of Drums, Guitar, and Bass. It's practically rock n roll compared to everything else on this release.

(RCR 9) Split w/ Scarlatti and Corrugated Contraption Lab- The Hassle. Eight pieces, no Side A/ Side B demarcation. The Music herein is sociopathic medicine. Beauty through Paranoia. Look into it. Contains original soundtrack work from CCL and Paraquat's unreleased RED Ep. 

(RCR14) GIG- The Mush. Documents of live performances Juxtaposed/Underexposed/ Superimposed. Pets hate this record, and it kills the less sophisticated bugs. Reaches slow unbearable climaxes. You might shrink or you might like it.

 (RCR 23) MIR- The Shrink. Any that's what my friend Dawn called it. It made her shrink, apparently. 23 Minute 12" of Clarinet, Guitar Loops, Water, and Inferior sampling ala the Casio SK-1. Drony and soothing, even if you do happen to shrink some. 

Here are some programs I wrote.