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Information About the Principality


What is the Principality?

The Principality of Nova Arcadia is a model country project that does not currently claim any territorial holdings, yet reserves the right to do so. It was founded as a peaceful schism from the Free Territory of Ely-Chatelaine, a Monarchist-Libertarian model country project, on 1 April 1995. Presently, the Principality functions as a Government-At-Large, There are presently a total of six people involved in the operations of the Royal Court. They may be contacted by e-mail sent directly to the Principality.

The name is taken from Latin:
"Nova" meaning "new", "Arcadia" meaning "unspoiled land".
(This has no relation to the Greek island of Arcadia, nor the Portuguese region also known as "Nova Arcadia".)

Does Nova Arcadia belong to any micronation groups?<
Nova Arcadia is a member of The League of Monarchist States.

Does Nova Arcadia recognize any other micronations?
Nova Arcadia officially recognizes (and is recognized by):
The Kingdom of Falkenberg
the Republic of Eslo.
Diplomatic relations are currently being negotiated with:
The Serene Principality of Monastico

What about noble titles? How are they obtained?
Noble titles are available, but are not for sale. They must be earned by personal achievement, or by service to either the Principality or society at large.

What does the Principality stand for?
The basic principals behind the formation of the Principality are as follows:

- The return to the chivalry, grace and pagentry of the older orders, without their oppression, hardships and ignorance.
- A noble order based on accomplishment and merit, instead of wealth and influence.
- Education based on tutoring and experience, and not by repitition and rote.
- Arts and craftsmanship brought to and kept at a high standard.
- An economy based on the principles of sustainable consumption.
- Recognition of the inherant value of each person as an individual.
- The determination of each person to accept full responcibility for their actions, as well as the effects and repricussions of their actions.
- A public media that functions as a source of reliable information and cultural enrichment, instead of hearsay, innuendo, and drivel.

What does the flag look like? And what about your Consitution?
A constitution, seals and other ephemera are presently being constructed and designed. The flag is a horizontal tri-color of green, white and purple, and can be seen on the members page of the League of Monarchist States website.

Who is the Head of the Principality?
The Head-of-State is Steven F. Scharff acting as HRH Prince Steven-Frederick.
He also has his own personal website.

Do you issue postage stamps, and how are they used?
And what about a currency?

Postage stamps have been printed for the Principality.
For a First Day Cover, send a business sized SASE or 2 IRC's to:

International Agency for the Principality of Nova Arcadia
c/o Post Office Box 90302
Henderson, NV 89009-0302 USA

Unfortunately, their status for postage is, currently, that of "artistamps" or "postoids" (for decoration use only). This category of stamps is also known as "Cinderellas". (The name is an inside joke among stamp collectors. The issuing party or country is "gone by midnight".)

A proposed currency is the Nova Arcadian Ducat, which would be equal to 100 Centimes, and linked to the United States (USA) Dollar.

How would the Principality stand on some controvercial issues?
-Since any law that restricts the functions of the human body is tantamount to the state claiming title (ownership) of the human body (i.e.: slavery), the right of reproductive choice is recognized.

-Divorce is legal, since not all marriages are done in foresight.
-Marriages that are considered non-traditional (polygamous, same-sex, etc.) are registered as "Chartered Domestic Partnerships" (CDP) and are given full legal representation and responsibility as a conventional marriage. However, all parties involved must file pre-nuptual agreements before the Charter can be granted.
-The legal age of marriage is 18 years.
-Consentual relationships between legal adults of the same gender are legal.

-The private use of alcohol, tobacco and cannabis is legal for those who have reached the legal drinking age (18 years). So-called "hard drugs" are legal, but their sale is restricted and heavily taxed, and all users must register with local medical authorities.
-The possession of pornographic materials is legal among adults, but the sale and display is restricted. Sale, possession, importation and distrubution of sexually explicit materials depicting minors is prohibited.

-A National Sales Tax is in place instead of a Personal Income Tax.

-All citizens 18 years and older are eligible to vote. The vote is denied to prisoners, the insane, and non-citizen residents.
-Two years of National Service is required from every native-born Nova Arcadian. Should military service be objected to, non-military service (forestry, construction, medical service, etc.) is available. However, five days of National Defense training is required of all citizens, both native-born and naturialized.

-Private ownership of firearms is permitted, but requires firearms training as well as liability insurance.
-All firearm owners must be willing to answer to any call to National Defense at any time.
-"Concealed carry" permits (to legally carry a loaded firearm on one's person in public) is granted by the County Sheriff.
-Private standing armies are prohibited.
-Any militias must operate as an official governmental function of the jurisdiction they protect.

-Legal adults may wager openly on professional sporting events at registered wagering offices. Casino gambling is legal, but free-standing gambling machines (ie: video poker machines in shopping centers) are prohibited.

-While the Prince also serves as the High Priest of the Church of Nova Arcadia, citizens are free to worship as they see fit, as long as their actions do not violate any laws. There is no "official" religion.
-All religious organizations must register with the government in order to qualify for tax-exempt status.

-The official system of measurement is Metric.
-Motor vehicle operator permits are available to those of 17 years of age, but Restricted Use Permits (RUP) may be granted to those as young as 15 years if hardship can be proven.

How do I go about starting my own micronation?
And has anyone successfully carried it out?

A good place to start is the Micronation and Sovereignty Website index which list many micronations. You can read about one of the most "successful" micronation project, the Principality of Sealand, located on an off-shore platform outside of Britian's territorial waters. While Sealand has yet to be recognized by other "established' countries, it's founder Paddy Roy Bates (HRH Prince Roy) does have some valid legal claims.

There have also been some attempts of "micro-independence" among the "Patriot" community of the USA, such as the Republic of Texas and Justus Township, both of which were based on very dubious legal claims, mostly found within the common law and "sovereign (or state) Citizen (sic)" movements. Both of these attempts ended in arrests and near-disasterous confrontations with law enforcement.

There is also a book entitled How to Start Your Own Country, written by Erwin S. Strauss and originially published by Loompanics Unlimited (and now being published by Breakout Publications), which has become an unofficial "bible" of the micronation movement.

There is another book published in France, Le Estat, C'est Moi, and it will be listed here when it is published in English.

Is there a name for the study of micronations?
The term frequently used is "micropatriology".

What would be the country's three letter abbreviation
(for those oval stickers on the backs of cars)?

"PNA" (for "Principality of Nova Arcadia")

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