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My little Alias Smith & Jones Page


Many many many many thanks to Carolyn at 
The Alias Smith & Jones Collection
for the pictures on this page, as well as for being my proofreader

Thanks to Sam Silverhawk for the background

"Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry -- the two most successful outlaws in the history of the west..."  If you watched TV in the early 70's, you may be familiar with that intro.  Or maybe you discovered it in 80s or 90s reruns of the popular TV western series Alias Smith and Jones.  The comedy of the series was carried out flawlessly from the pilot movie through 1971 by its principle actors, Ben Murphy and Pete Duel.  In the remainder of its run, sans Duel, while the comedy was still there, Duel seems to have taken the chemistry with him.  I think that Duel's Hannibal Heyes will forever soar in the minds of ASJ viewers.

Ben Murphy

Jed 'Kid' Curry
Thaddeus Jones

Pete Duel

Hannibal Heyes
Joshua Smith

Heyes and Curry were the two most prominent outlaws of the old west.  No one could crack a safe like Heyes, and Curry's dead-eye, split-second draw was years ahead of his schoolboy looks.  With the banks and railroads offering 10 thousand dollars a piece for them, the two decided to get out of their trade and become law-abiding citizens.

Though they were unusually considerate thieves (To quote the intro: "In all the trains and banks they robbed, they never shot anybody..."; unfortunately, in their post-highwayman days, Curry was forced to outdraw/outshoot a few people), because they DID commit the crimes, the governor couldn't grant immediate amnesty.  Instead, he made a deal with them -- if they could stay on the right side of the law until he felt they'd earned the amnesty, they'd get it.  Until that time, though, they were still wanted men.  And with almost everyone looking for a quick 20 thousand dollars , Heyes and Curry kept on their toes.

If you ever get a chance to watch the series, do it -- we'd love to welcome you to the ASJ fandom :)  Meanwhile, check out the more extensive ASJ pages below.  From those, you can get to other pages.  These just happen to be my absolute favorites.

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