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Your Basic Alien

A Host of different Aliens and what the Majority of People think they look like

Strange Alien Photographs by Dr. Jonathan Reed
This Alien was Encountered by Dr. Reed while Hiking in the woods of Washington State. His Dog attacked this creature, and it (the creature) killed Dr. Reed's dog in the process. Dr. Reed heard his dog whining in the distance (as his dog was about 100 yards in front of where he was) and decided to pick up a stick about the size of a baseball bat. When arriving to the place his dog was, and he saw what was happening,  in shear panic, he struck the "thing" a blow in the head to get "IT" to release his dog.  The creature fell to the ground, but Dr. Reed saw the demise of his dog, and ran as fast as he could to safety. Later, he went back and retrieved the Alien Creature and took it home! He took these pictures as well as a video of the alien creature.

The Alien or Creature after being beaten with the stick.
The wound where Dr. Reed struck it with his stick (about the size of a baseball bat).
The Alien's "good side" as it would be. 
Opening the Eye for examination.  Looks as if it is red in color.
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Courtesy of the Art Bell Show
Coast-To-Coast AM.

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The Creatures Alien Craft known as the "Oblesk"
as photographed by Dr. Jonathan Reed
This is an Alien Craft Photo taken by Dr. Reed
Close Up of previous photograph
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Reed is running through the forest
after this event. IN SHEAR PANIC!

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Dr. Reed took the alien creature home and stored it in his freezer.  He opened the freezer a couple of hours after, and found out the creature was not dead at all!  The creature let out a blood curtling scream which filled the air with terror, among other things...

Hear the Creature Scream as Dr. Reed opens his freezer.
A Song about the Alien, and Dr. Reeds experience with his freezer.
Hear the Entire Art Bell Program Dr. Jonathan Reed was on. 4 hours in length - In STREAMING AUDIO!

Courtesy, Coast-to-Coast AM

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