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Pork Links

My Daughter Raeanne's Land Of The Sacred Llamas
My Other Daughter Erin's Volcanic Pygmy Pontoon
MY Nephew Matthew's page (aka sloth boy king of the boogers) Simply moist
My neice Alana's Page, Alana's fjord of the watusi
Crazy Mark's cyber Surplus, the page of my brother in law, Mark

i have not updated this page for a very VERY long time!

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Welcome to my impression of the perfect world. Do you ever dream of a place where stupid things and or people don't exist or at least are in a proper place where we don't have to deal with them on a daily basis? Well I have, and this is my forum to air my opinions.

If you've ever had to deal with stupid people on the road, this is the page for you.Driving Woes

this page is a page of My personal Heros . These are people who are famous for doing stupid things.

This page is some of Life's most important questions.

This is New!this is my Jokes section! check this out. or else.

this is fun....*evil grin*

this is my page of funny bumper stickers. they're real too!

i won an award! it's my daughter's. thanks!

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