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perfect driving

In my world, i ride a motorcycle.

If you are out riding and it starts to rain, you can move to the bike lane where it doesn't rain and it's never windy.

Say you are confronted with two stupid people driving side by side at the speed limit (sick and wrong) and you can't get past, a separate lane would appear that you can pass them and get on with your life. Or you have a missile launcher button that you can deploy to remove the stupidest one from out of your way. that is generally the slow moving bozo in the left lane which if you recall from drivers ed. is the passing lane. In my world people will not shave, apply make-up, talk on cell-phones, or the most stupid of all, read a book or magazine on the steering wheel while driving. What the heck happened to watching where you are going anyway?

I'd like to have one of those turbo-boost buttons like the guys on Knight-Rider or Men in black. Did you ever notice that the later that you leave for work or wherever, the more red lights you encounter? The perfect world has a remote control to change those stupid lights.

Another thing that has to happen to move toward my perfect world, is driving in bad weather. Why do people think that if the tires are spinning in snow that stepping on the gas harder will help the situation? Also, when you come to an intersection that already has stupid people sitting and spinning don't go into the same intersection and block the cross-traffic so no one can move,now we have grid-lock! people will wait to see if they can actually move before they go out there.