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My personal Heros

This page features all the people who have done stupid things, that have become a big part of our everyday lives. these will make you wonder, "what the heck made them wanna do that???!

1.The 1st guy that drank milk. (why would he wanna drink from there???)

2. The guy who made the coffee made from cat doo-doo.( The cats eat coffee beans whole & then poop them out whole, then this weird guy sells this for $300 a pound) again, Why??!

3.The first guy that tried eggs.

4.the woman in memphis that spread contraseptive jelly on toast & ate it, then became pregnant after sex. (she's suing the drugstore for not explaning it's use)

5. The 1st guy to eat pigs feet.

6.The first one to eat cow's tongue.