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Volunteer Application



City: State: Zip Code:

Phone: Email:

Are you 18 or older? Yes No

Have you helped a rescue/shelter before? Yes No
If yes, which group(s)?

What areas are you interested in helping?
Fostering Home Visits
Transports Other

Have you owned a Brittany before? Yes No

What breeds do you have experience with?

Do you have pets? Yes No
If yes, please list

Are your pets' shots up to date? Yes No

Do you have kids? Yes No
If yes, please list ages

Do you have a fence? Yes No

How many dogs can you foster at a time?

Are you able to pay for vet expenses & submit receipts for reimbursement? Yes No

Can you housetrain a dog? Yes No

Where would the dog stay when no one is home?

How much time would the dog spend alone?

How far can you drive?

How many dogs can you transport?

How many days a month can you transport?