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Other Works by Charles Lamb

Tales From Shakespeare by Charles and Mary Lamb, published 1807. There are many copies of this text on the web, but this is corrected, illustrated, and very clear.

The Adventures Of Ulysses by Charles Lamb, published 1808. Sticks very closely to the stories in the Odyssey and is very easy to read. (NB. James Joyce used this text as his reference while writing 'Ulysses')

Biographies Of Charles Lamb

A Page for Charles Lamb - Includes a short biography by Lamb himself.

Encyclopaedia Britannica entry - contains virtually all you need to know entry - Most useful is the link to Electric Library, which contains links to periodicals

The Cockney School and anti-Romantic ideology - contains some references to Lamb.

The Classical Essayists - includes Lamb among William Hazlitt, Sydney Smith, Henry Brougham and others, including a few samples of their essays.

Other sites of interest to Lamb scholars

The W.Hugh Peal Manuscripts Collection at the University of Kentucky - contains facsimiles of Lamb's handwriting, in letters to friends.

The Charles Lamb Society (UK) - includes contact details and a list of recent periodical publications on Lamb and others.

Romantic Circles - very good for finding articles on Romantic authors

Romanticism On The Net - links to publications, including the Charles Lamb Bulletin.

"This Lime-Tree Bower, My Prison" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. A poem personally addressed to Lamb.

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