Charles Lamb 1755 - 1834
Chronology Of His Essays And Poetry

Essays are listed by the dates they appeared in the magazines of the day. Most appeared in the London Magazine, except where stated.
Poems are in italics, essays and books written in normal type

1798 - The Old Familiar Faces
          Composed At Midnight (written earlier)

1803 - Hester

1807 - Tales From Shakespeare [with Mary Lamb]

1808 - The Adventures Of Ulysses

1811 - On The Tragedies Of Shakespeare [in The Reflector]
          A Bachelor's Complaint On The Behaviour Of Married Couples [in The Reflector]

1818 - Queen Oriana's Dream
          On The Sight Of Swans at Kensington Gardens

1819 - Valentine's Day [in The Examiner]
          On The Acting Of Munden [in The Examiner]

1820 - September - The South-Sea House
          October - Oxford In The Vacation
          November - Christ's Hospital Five-And-Thirty Years Ago
          December - The Two Races Of Men

1821 - Leisure
          January New Year's Day
          February - Mrs Battle's Opinions On Whist
          March - A Chapter On Ears
          April - All Fools' Day & A Quakers' Meeting
          May - The Old And The New Schoolmaster
          June - My Relations
          July - Mackery End, In Hertfordshire
          August - Imperfect Sympathies
          September - The Old Benchers Of The Inner Temple
          October - Witches And Other Night-Fears
          December - My First Play

1822 - January - Dream-Children; A Reverie
          February - On Some Of The Old Actors
          March - Distant Correspondents
          April - On The Artificial Comedy Of The Last Century
          May - In Praise Of Chimney-Sweepers
          June - A Complaint On The Decay Of Beggars...
          July - Detached Thoughts On Books And Reading
          September - A Dissertation Upon Roast Pig
          November - Modern Gallantry

1823 - "Essays Of Elia" published.
           January - Rejoicings In The New Year's Coming Of Age
           January/February - Barrenness Of Imagination In Modern Art
           March - Old China
           May - Poor Relations
           June - The Child-Angel, A Dream
           July - The Old Margate Hoy
          September - Sonnets Of Sir Philip Sydney
          October - On The Tombs In The Abbey
          December - Amicus Redivivus

1824 - September - Blakesmoor in H---shire
           November - Captain Jackson

1825 - April - Barbara S-----
          May - The Superannuated Man
          June - The Wedding
          July - The Convalescent
          August - Stage Illusion

1826 - January-September - Popular Fallacies [in New Monthly Magazine]
          March - The Genteel Style In Writing[in New Monthly Magazine]
          May - Sanity Of True Genius

1827 - Angel Help
          A Death-Bed [in Hone's Table-Book]

1829 - On An Infant Dying As Soon As Born

1830 - To A Young Friend
          She Is Going

1831 - August - Shades of Elliston & Ellistoniana [both in The Englishman's Magazine]
          October - Newspapers 35 Years Ago

1833 - "The Last Essays Of Elia" published

Essays of Elia
Essays Of Elia
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