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Enter: Project Lancer

Welcome to the Official Project Lancer web site.

My name is Ryan and featured here is my chariot. A 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer MR Coupe.

The car was purchased off the showroom floor in December '99. Modifications were planned and carried out almost immediately. The car travelled a total of 12km on the factory alloys before the 17 inch PCW Evolution wheels were fitted, complete with 205/40/17 Falken GRB rubber. Of course the plans stretched much further than just a set of shoes. The car was sent off to Narrabeen Tyres and Exhausts to receive a 2.5 inch exhaust system from the catalytic convertor rearwards. A 5 inch oval tip was used to follow the lines of the factory rear bar. Extractors were added later.

Dr. Shocks had the pleasure of dumping the car 2.5 inches and 2 inches front and rear respectively using Jumboz Springs. I found this to be the most effective ride height as no lipping or pulling of the guards was neccessary, and it allowed enough room for the 18 inch chrome Zepters which will be fitted in October 2000. Dr. Shocks also donned the car with a Whiteline rear sway bar and GAB front strut tower brace. The fuel tank had to be removed in order to fit the rear sway bar correctly, as the fitting points were inaccessible with the tank in place.

Breathing is aided through a K&N air filter, with a custom fabricated mounting pad. Aftermarket air filters will not fit straight onto this car as the air flow sensor is a ridiculous shape. Aftermarket fitment plates are available, though I chose to machine my own.

The car lay victim to many more modifications, including Momo steering wheel, gear knob and seat belt pads. Clear side indicators were a must, and a unique taillight design (not clear) will be added soon. An Autometer 5 inch Tachometer and shiftlite were fitted allowing for headup thrashing. I got sick of glancing at the factory tacho to keep check of the engine cutout. The shiftlite was the perfect remedy for this complication.

I have performed stacks of mods on this car that I simply can't remember. I would hate to see a cost breakup so far. I purposely misplace my receipts so that I'm not tempted to add it up.

Future mods include -
Talon RT Extreme Body Kit
18 inch Zepter Chrome Alloys
Pioneer Stereo Fitout
Recaro Seats

The above mods will be carried out in October, so stay tuned for news on Oktoberfest!

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