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Lyman Auto Salvage is for sale.
For more information email us or
call the number below. This is a great deal
and there is a lot that goes with the business.

Come on in and see our automobiles.

We run an auto salvage yard and have a lot
of vintage vehicles that we have collected over the years.

We have taken pictures to scan and up load to this site.

We should have more ready very soon.

Look at the list of cars and trucks for some of the photos.
If you want a photo of a certain vehicle, email or call and we will email it to you
as soon as possible. Check the site out and see what's NEW!!!

The Yard

The scenery from our yard

Our Guard Dogs

Our Mouse Traps

Signs of Life

Music to Cruise by

Our Cars & pics

Our Trucks & pics

Our pet vroom vrooms
Including a pic of our Super Sport!

Need more info? Fill out our survey form.

67 Mustang

Phyllis's Things to keep you warm.
(Knitting and crocheting)

Phyllis' Heart Throbs (the NBA)

Phyllis' Other Favorites (the NFL)

Automobile Backgrounds

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For more information, you can e-mail us at

or call 1(775)235-7851 and ask for Lyman Auto Salvage. The cars are going fast!!!

If you are interested in buying this business and the land, call the same number as above or email.

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