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Click on the dancing character and save it to the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Chat\Comicart file folder. Or Windows 98 may have named this path C:\Program Files\Chat\Comicart

I want to give you a small background on this character. Camille story starts when I went to a local club here in Vegas. They had two mascots there, A Male Coyote and a Female Coyote; I thought how fun it would be to walk in the shoes of this darling woman coyote that I had seen. So, I started to work. She has change from time to time. She was quite ruff in the beginning, her head was very choppy and her outfits were simple. She has had makeovers for the holidays and for a virtual wedding. I guess you could say I live through Camilles adventures. As you see her different version through out my character pages. You will know how much fun Camille and I have had.

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