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Miss Kitty Kalli

Miss Angel Kitty Kalli

My Miracle Kitty

Kalli story is kind of a long one but,

I will try and shorten it,

I have only had Kalli a short time,

she was abandon in a store by some teenagers

and I happened to be shopping at that store so me,

being the softy I took her home.

Everything was fine we played

and loved till one day she started to get very sick.

She stopped eating and was getting

sicker and sicker by the minute.

When I realized that Kalli wanted to live.

I stepped in and began feeding her with a little bottle.

I gave her kitty formula,

water and soften food. I have continued with this

and she began making progress.

Kalli is now on her way

to being a healthy, playful, little kitty again.

Kalli and I are closer then ever

And she is never too many steps behind me.

never to far behind

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pictures of Kalli click here.

more cute photos of Kalli

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