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We are BACK ! !  With a NEW and much improved Las Vegas Gambler..............
........LETS LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GAMES and INVEST in Las Vegas Casinos to



The Las Vegas Gambler is your source for information on Playing our games, Investing in our Casino Companies or Traveling to Las Vegas Nevada.
We hope that our site will help you to enjoy your trip and get more out of your casino gambling!!!

As in past versions of this web site we will show you how to play the games here in Las Vegas and win.  But now we will focus more on investing in Las Vegas Casino stocks.  Some of our advise will continue to be provided in this web site but the majority will be provided in complete detail and depth in our newsletter "CASINO INVESTOR".

CASINO INVESTOR will provide in depth analysis of current Las Vegas stocks.  We will publish which stocks we are invested in and when we plan on getting out of current stocks.  We will give you our rationale as to why we make certain choices and the logic that we use to determine entry and exit points for particular stocks.

Currently, all of our stock information and our current investments will be discussed on our CASINO STOCKS AND NEWS page. You can access this page by clicking the link in on the left.

Click the link in the left margin to see our updated stock graphs and what stocks are hot and which ones are not

"A Candle doesn't lose any of it's light when it lights another candle"

Before you travel to Las Vegas Nevada and to help you enjoy the games that we play in our casinos, we offer the opportunity for visitors to explore ways to play and win at Las Vegas Casinos. When you play Black Jack, Video Poker, Slots, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Roulette and Baccarat learn the games and take the Gamble out of your play.
Our Las Vegas Poker page is new and in addition to providing the basics of Seven card Stud poker and Texas Holdem Poker, we have also also provided links to many of the Las Vegas Poker rooms. You will find that most Poker rooms have similar rules with widly varying limits. Speaking of Poker Rooms, With the increased popularity of poker, thanks to the many tournaments on Television, almost every casino in town now has a poker room.
Just click on one of our links and enjoy yourself while you are at The Las Vegas Gambler. We are constantly adding NEW Las Vegas Nevada features. Good Luck, happy gambling and Profitable investing in Las Vegas Casinos and Gaming Stocks.

In response to many inquiries, we offer the following information about where to find visiting celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Britney Spears or Pam Anderson when they travel to Las Vegas looking for entertainment. We have found that they along with many other celebrities are most likely to show up at either The PALMS or RIO. Both of which are across the freeway from the Las Vegas Strip on Flamingo Rd. On the Strip, the best celebrity-watching spots are The Palms, Mandalay Bay or Bellagio, however your favorite celebrities in Las Vegas can be found most anywhere playing their favorite games. Other popular haunts for celebrity watching would be the production shows at Bellagio or Caesars, at the club SEVEN on The Las Vegas Strip or any of the exclusive clubs in Bellagio or MGM Grand. If in MGM Grand, Studio 54 would be the place to go. To find Dennis Rodman, you might want to check out some of the strip joints on Dean Martin Dr., just on the other side of the I-15 freeway from The Strip.
We hope that this helps with all of the celebrity watchers out there.

Wondering Where to Go and What to do for entertainment aside from Casino Gambling? Just Click onto the link below for ALL of Las Vegas info for the next few months..

Some tips to remember when you visit Las Vegas.

  • Money rules when you visit Las Vegas. To get the most enjoyment out of your trip, take measures to ensure that you have the money that you need when you need it.
  • Table Limits are easy to spot when you are walking through any casino. Usual Table limits can be determined by limit sign COLORS on all tables.
  • Red signs are usually the lowest and in most cases signify a $5.00 Table Limit. Next is BLUE which signifies anything between a $5.00 and $25.00 Table limit. Green means a $25.00 minimum Table limit. BLACK means that the minimum Table limit bet is $100.00.
  • If you are on an extended visit, budget your funds. Allocate a set amount for gambling each day. Do not exceed your daily allowance ! !
  • Some people even go as far as to allocate morning, afternoon and evening funds with the evening allotment being larger than the rest of the day.
  • When gambling, set loss limits for each game that you play. More money is lost in chasing "The Big Win". When you reach your loss limit, walk away from the game.
  • If I were to give only ONE piece of advice, it would be to be well disciplined in adhering to your loss limit. The second half of my one piece of advice would be to be well disciplined and stick to your "WIN-STOP
  • Lets talk about a "Win-Stop". When you are gambling, you will occasionally find yourself on a winning streak. This is when you try to make money so that you will not be lying when you get home and tell about your big win. Establish a point where you will stop and not lose any more of your winnings. A good starting point is for a win-stop is at double your starting funds on any particular game or table. When you reach double your starting funds (This is your first "Win-Stop"), raise it to the next level (3 times your start funds). Whenever you drop back to any prior established stop point, take your profit and LEAVE.
  • Money management is crucial ! ! You will rarely reach a Win-Stop unless you employ some sort of money management technique because if you continue to bet the same amount over and over again, you will see only small gains, if any at all. One money management technique that we like is as follows.---When you start playing any table game, after placing your initial bet (the table minimum) and win, take your win, you are now even. The next win, double up your bet ("Press It"). The next win, Press by 50%, of the prior bet, take 50%, now you have a profit. Continue pressing by 50% of the current bet until you lose. When you lose, go back to your original starting bet (the table minimum) and start all over.(Now you are on your way to your first "WIN-STOP")
  • There are many other money management techniques, This is the one that we prefer.
  • Any money management technique is useless unless you have the funding to carry you through any inevitable losing streaks. Do not enter any table game unless you have at least TWENTY TIMES your starting bet. In other words, if you are going to start betting $5.00, you should have at least $100.00 when you buy in at the table.

The Las Vegas Gambler wants to be your source for Las Vegas Information. Please use our email link below to contact us and we will be happy to provide either the information requested or as an alternative we will provide Las Vegas Links for the requested Information. If you email us please include in your subject - Information Request - or your email will be deleted. Or, You can call us on our Las Vegas Number 702-609-9672 or our Atlantic City number 609-431-0221. If there is no answer please leave your return number or email address so that we may get your information back to you. We will answer all calls or emails personnally usually within 48 hours.

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Lets discuss the subject of TIPPING

In Las Vegas many people do not get the concept of TIPPING. I suppose this is because about the only time most people in their home town think of tipping is when they go out for an evening "on the town". It is different here in Las Vegas. For one thing, most jobs are in a "Service" industry, and as such, employers pay as little as they can possibly get away with. If it were not for TIPS, most people would not meet poverty level in wages that they receive. As a guide to tipping we have put together a general, and I specify GENERAL guide for tipping. Remember, this is a GENERAL guide ONLY and the level of service that you receive should determine exactly what you tip for various services. You can find our recommended tipping guide at our:

There are many more bits and pieces of advice that can be offered regarding gambling in Las Vegas. These will get you started. If you have specific questions, please email us at the link below.
In our ongoing effort to help you enjoy your visit before you come to MY TOWN - LAS VEGAS, we offer the following information:
There are more than 23,000 Traffic Tickets issued in Las Vegas Every MONTH. Typical fines are: - Running a red light - $255.00, Failure to signal - $255.00, Speeding - $125.00 for 1-10 mph over, 175.00 for 15 mph over. New this year When you get caught going more than twice the limit you will be charged with Reckless Driving, fined a minimum of $1100.00 and charged with 8 points on your driving record.
My Favorite is - - Jaywalking - $95.00. Jaywalkers really irritate me. Exceding the posted limit in school zones will cost you up to and beyond $750.00. We welcome you to our town, but only spend your money on gambling, hotels, shows and food. Not on Traffic fines.
One other important item - Fines are DOUBLED in construction areas. And with ao many new people moving in...........There are PLENTY of construction zones.
There are more pedestrians killed in traffic here than any other city in the nation. Be careful, Whenever a case goes to court that involves jaywalking, the driver is usually found not responsible.
The Las Vegas Gambler.

GOOD LUCK with whatever you play or BET.
All stock information is given only as educational background on stocks.  We do not recommend the sale or purchase of any stock.  Because we may hold positions in any of the stocks mentioned our opinions may be biased and before anyone who makes a decision to purchase any stock should seek guidance and advice from your own investment counsellor. 

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