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Ask vicnice Anything!
vicnice has been a member since May 22nd, 1999.
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6.20.00 - I do not know too many people here and vice versa, but perhaps we can change that sooooooo....Ask Vicnice anything!

All right, checked your profile for a decent question and I see Physics/Math, comp sci and chem as interests! Totally cool and very unusual anymore for an American to be in love with sciences. (For those who want to ensure they will never be unemployed, become a Chemist--there is a 2% unemployment rate in that field.) So, when, where, and how did you develop your love of the sciences and what would your dream job be?

To be honest, I love Chemistry as well, but I do not want to quadruple major :o) I already have a heavy course load as it is.

To answer your question though; I fell in love with sciences not too long after I became proficient in reading and writing English. I can remember how I would go to the library and take out a dozen books on Astronomy. Ever since then I have wanted to be an Astronaut or Aerospace Engineer. However, Theoretical Physics seduced me with a passion just about the time I was finishing high school. So that is what made up my mind when going to college.

The icing on the cake would be working on unsolved problems in Astrophysics, Particle Physics, and/or Cosmology ith one of the titans such as John Wheeler, Edward Witten, Michio Kaku, etc...

Thanks for the great question.

Well, Vicnice, are you nice? I've been wondering this for a while. I answered a question way back about cool KP names (I mean about eight months ago) and wondered then: Is your name Vic and are you nice? That's what I'd like to get to know better about you.

Hahahaha. Yes my name is Victor and I am the nicest guy you'll ever meet. At least I think so :o) Sometimes I am too nice for my own good. It all started when I was looking for a good email address name and vicnice describes me and ahs a nice ring to it :o)
Thanks for the question.

Aight... here's one that I'd like to know. WHat makes you so damn Mellosmooth??

Hahaha, Mellosmooth is another one of my online aliases (I have many), but you already knew that eh? LOL. If you want to know what mellosmooth is I guess you will just have to buy Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite now will you? Now that is truly mellosmooth!

If you had to give up one thing in your life that you struggled to get, what would it be, and why?

I truly do not know what I would give up. That is a really hard question. After doing some thinking I concluded that the things that I have struggled the hardest for are getting this far in school, working tons of hours to try to pay bills and help the family while going to school and also obtaining a US Citizenship would have to be one of the other things.

I really do value all of the hard work that I have done so far in school, and if I was not in the US I doubt that I would have had the opportunities I have here and would not wish to trade them for anything. Even though it has considerably built my resume/"work experience" I could really do without all of the non-school related work that I have done.

It has shown me the hard way that going to school full-time and working full-time do not mix. On the other hand doing undergraduate research with professors is where its at :o)

I am interested in Hispanic culture. Would you elaborate some on your Hispanic roots?

I was born in the Dominican Republic which shares the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean with Haiti. Hispaniola is located between Cuba and Puerto Rico. My family comes from the city of Santiago in the Cibao valley. I do not have that much personal experience with my homeland because I came here when I was only a year old and have only been back 4 times or so. One thing is for sure, it is a really beautiful country. Hopefully I can take a break from school soon and go on vacation there!

From what I have gathered the culture is a mix of the original natives, the Spanish, and African slaves. (There are rumors that my last name originated somewhere near the border between Portugal and Spain). The economy there is mainly based on cane sugar and the Dominican Peso used to be almost one for one with the US Dollar until the Sugar economy crashed.

That is most of what I can recall of the top of my head. You can search for more info if you wish. If that was not what you meant in your question, please let me know.

I'm interested to know your religious beliefs. I have found that often people interested in cosmology are deeply spiritual, but tend to shun organized religion. There are also a great number of physicists who are diehard atheists or agnostics, though. What are your spiritual beliefs, and how do they relate to your academic pursuits?

If you find this question too personal (a valid opinion -- many people prefer not to make their spiritual lives public), can you comment on the relationship between science and religion in general?

Interesting question!
Your assumptions are correct. Although I was raised a Roman Catholic I have become wary of organized religions. However, I do hold some views but am still unsure of them until further investigation. They are what someone might consider spiritual :o)

From what I can see the relationship between science and religion keeps making progress. There are many scientists who can hold spiritual views and still do what they love. For instance the astrophysicist Freeman Dyson just recieved the 2000 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion. He has written a lot about science and how it relates to religion and ethics.

What I see as progress in science's relations is not searching for archeological evidence in support of religions. It is more along the lines of philosophy and ethics. Progress in answering all of the big Why questions of the universe instead of the How's (we already know most of the how's =). Also progress in making the world better for mankind, whether it is by making advances in medicine to help people or by stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons. To me that is real progress.

I am not even sure if I answered your question or if that was what you were looking for, but thanks for the great question it has really got me thinking! :o) I might have to get back to you on a real answer though.

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