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jakimbro has been a member since March 7th, 2000.
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6.22.00 - Recent hate mail cobbled together from all my answers and soaps has described me as...
"a D&D playing, bong smoking, unemployed art major..who probably hasn't known the touch of a woman; who seeks out questions with the intent of trashing the questioner...who lives off public tax dollars." Owwwch! The truth hurts! Or does it? Ask me anything and find out for yourself if the previous description is true!

Oh migosh! I forgot to say its me! jakimbro!

Oh boy. I bet nobody asks anything now.

prosaic1 on 6.22.00 - What do you do for living?

What do I do for a living? I currently work at FSU in their copy & print center as a clerk specialist. Since I just started this job; that means I'm the low man on the totem pole and have to do whatever scummy work that my bosses tell me to do. I have years and years experience working in copy shops like Kinkos. I also have worked as a camera operator and graphic artist for some local magazines and newspapers. When I couldn't get an art related job; I spent 5 years outa college shoveling fast food to ppl at a local mall food court & Denny's. My other jobs have included:working at a frame shop & a hotdog stand; and as a dishwasher,a busboy, & a desk clerk...I've done everything I can to scrap by in my town and make an honest living. No I am not unemployed. But if I ever was I could always get my job back at Denny's.

kovacsp on 6.22.00 - I used to love playing D&D, but I can't find a good DM anymore. Why not?!

Why is it so hard to find a good DM or D&D game? Times have changed! Computers offer some excellant dungeon type adventures; and then there are the multiuser dungeons (or M.U.D.s) you can find on the IRC. This is in direct competition to your basic saturday night D&D game. Also, the game itself has been eclipsed by other games like the card game called Magic & other roleplaying spinoffs like Vampires (you've seen em- the guys who wear makeup and dress like vampires.) But don't ask me about that stuff. I am just a 1st generation DM. I ordered the rules I still use from TSR in 1978. I don't have a clue as to what the updated rules are.

I am attempting to bring D&D back into my University town. This fall I am going to teach at FSU; a free course on how to play. I figure this generation needs a game that will take them away from their keyboards. A good D&D game is an excellant chance for social interaction.

Swords on 6.22.00 - Hey, I used to play D&D too. (Goody-goody Paladin, mostly) *L*

But you are an art major. What is your preferred medium? Do you have any works scanned that you can share with us?

I was an art major in 1982. Unfortunately all my schooling was done in the pre-digital days. So I never got any computer training except what I've picked up along the way. My art & comics are all predigital...but I desperately want a scanner and some good graphics software so that I can build myself a comic book web site. Now I did have some scanned stuff on my desktop; but I think they got deleted accidently. I'll find them soon...and I'll e-mail them to you if you send me a regular e-mail address. What kind of comics are they? One is an action mystery strip called Harry Hamm the pig detective. He's a detective with a pig face solving crimes in 1940s Tinseltown. The other comic is called Space Realtors. About a spaceman and his cyborg cat exploring the universe and selling planets to the highest interplanetary buyers.
If you are really really interested: send me a snailmail address and I'll try to mail you a copy or two. I've been drawing these comics for about ten years now and I got a lot of issues still around.

Seedy69 on 6.23.00 - Wow! And I bet you think I'm responsible for this now because of the questions I asked and my response in the soaps (it's Seedy69, BTW). For a start, you're not unemployed. I'm sorry if anything I did was involved in this, it certainly wasn't meant to be.

Two questions: the first, what hate mail are you talking about, and the second, why do you work somewhere you hate so much?

The hate mail problem was not you seedy96; and that is not a problem anymore. We worked it out. But as to why I work somewhere I hate so much? Thats a complex question! I hate where I work; because I have never realized my true potential from my bosses. Wherever I'm at; I'm the guy on the registrar or taking out trash; while some bosses pet gets the computer training or pat on the back for work I've done. Most places I've worked lately i could do a better job than the ppl in charge.
I would love the work I do...if they let me do it the way I want to do it. And I'm nearly there. If I stay at FSU for 5 or so years I may outlast one or two of the old time state employees (and you have to wait till they DIE before you can move into their position) and finally be my own boss. But its hard starting from the bottom..again.

heyteach on 6.23.00 - Is your wife willing to beat up the hatemailer? LOL.
OK, a real question: what would your ideal job be?

What would my ideal job be? My own publishing house. I'd call it Kimbro Comics!
we'd publish stuff on the web and locally. With the technology available today its feasible...if I had the money to sink into the right hardware/software and could lay hands on a cheap Xerox Docutech. I'd hire geeky D&D players and comic book artists to do my evil bidding. And never ever take out the trash..but give a secret raise to whoever did it without being told. I've had to take out the trash at every job I've worked at. My goal is sit down and let these 20 somethings haul a few cans out. Builds character.

Tehuti on 6.23.00 - How many Shuggoths does it take to screw in a lightbulb? >;)

oh Tehuti! I'm Still chewing on that bit of Lovecraftian gristle I'm afraid. Maybe none. Shoggoths don't like light bulbs. And anyway isn't that Nyarlathotep's job?

cyndy10 on 6.23.00 - Tell us about your family, are you married, happily? any children?

I had to take some time off and think about my family. Immediately thats my wife & I. No kids! we've been married 12 years and are still in love (she told me to write that).My biological family: I am the youngest of three. My parents (still together) raised us all like good kids That was a different time period too. It was the last time parents got parental authority over their kids in this country. It was the early 1960's. it was the last time a working man could afford a new car and a 10 year mortgage down on a 3 bedroom 2 bath house on a weekly family salary. My dad was a linotype operator which was a good paying trade back then. In fact he had met met Mom at the print shop where he worked in Orlando, Florida in 1954 .She was the new proof reader; a shy high school graduate from Sylvania, Georgia, only 18 years old- new to the big city: living with her cousins family in the big city. My dad was already a veteran of Korea and he was only 27, had trained for linotype on the GI bill and still lived with his daddy & momma. He too was escaping the crushing poverty of the 1940s country farm. He and his family of 10 brothers and sisters (he was the youngest too) came south to florida from depression era Alabama (where the bank had siezed the family farm.) Because he was raised back then; My dad never sits still or lets a day go by with out doing something. At 72 he still walks around the block, gardens and tries to do things that he can't do anymore.
He is not taking age well.

Anyway to make this story short..Mom & Dad dated in a clumsy old fashioned country style (my dad looked like barney fife & loved bowties):fell in love got married; had three kids- moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1964 and it looked like my parents were headed for a peaceful southern fried retirement. Then came the 70s. My older brother & sister got heavilly into surfing, the beach scene- also rock n roll and pot. Before aids! They used to party all night! and this was unheard of in my family. My dad became part detective, part child-napper...finding them in remote areas of the beach swooping in and taking them outa whatever party they were at. My dad never called the polce. He prefered to handle these kids himself. (I think he still believes that all those 60's hippies just needed a haircut and a good whippin'.) Predictably this caused a family schism that finally was solved about '86 when my brother got married and Dad had a grand son to play with. I escaped the wrath of my father because in the late 70s Linotype was a dinosaur. My dad had to learn offset printing after 25 years and he didn't like it. so I graduated high school while he was training at a printers school in Colorado, and as soon as I went to college at FSU; my parents packed all thier stuff and moved to Texas where the jobs supposedly were. I was on my own in the big big city of Tallahassee, Florida!

prncss on 6.24.00 - So, HAVE you known the touch of a woman? Maybe, more than one?

*lol* I can't believe somebody said that *rofl*

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